Everybody loves Lou dog


Talulah is quite the hit at the Witteveen compound. She’s quite the entertainment whore.

I’m sure my family criticize Tina and I for being a little too doting on our only dogger Talulah. We have a zillion terms of endearment for that sweet pup.

It’s sickening even to us sometimes. I imagine it makes outsiders half gag.

Last night we set up a broom between two chairs and got Talulah to jump over. We successfully got her leaping almost 60 feet high!


She was jumping high though. Higher than your daughter, I mean dog.

I’ll post video soon. It’s quite the spectacle.

Hipstamatic lunchtime regret


Tina and I stopped at Hardee’s for lunch. I haven’t eaten at a Hardee’s since high school or college.

It was awful.

I had a 1/3 lb Frisco burger which features bacon, cheese and a whole jar of mayonnaise — no exaggeration.

We stopped just outside of Charleston WV, which may as well be another country. The locals seemed hostel to us outsiders.

It made me wonder why the restaurant uses fractions in the burger titles. “What? I gotta do math to get my burger?”

Or, “You’re tellin’ me 1 slash 2 is bigger than a 1 slash 3 burger? Why you tryin to fool me slick?”

I’m such an asshole.