Apropos to “Even on Facebook” post


Below, I posted “Even on Facebook” with a graphic declaring Jesus is Lord even on Facebook.


I saw this screen cap over at reddit, and it’s a matter of time before repetitive messaging like this sinks in with people who claim to believe, but really haven’t read the bible.

Notice the response from the last person.

Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street

Someone needs to make T-shirts in a damned hurry with Grayson’s face and the words, “Okay, I’ll be that spokesman.”

From the YouTuber who posted this:

Uploaded by  on Oct 8, 2011

The other panel members were Republicans. For most of the show, Alan just sat quietly, which really surprised and disappointed me. Then suddenly, he let them have it. It was great. I just wish that the camera had shown the standing ovation.

What the funny kids are posting



Here are a fun collection of images from some of my favorite sites, including I have seen the whole of the Internet, The Daily Wh.at, reddit.com/r/funny and Tastefully Offensive

Pic of kitten reads, “Itz ok just go on wifout meh”



Pic of dog licking human leg reads, “ATTACK!” 


Image of popular logos says, “Name these brands”. Beside that image of leaves says, “Name these plants.”


Illustration of slice of cheese taking two slices of cheese photo says, “Say ‘people'”. 


Image of boxer tangled up in broken blinds. 


Image of door stop reads, “If I were a cartoon, my boner would sound like this thing.” 


Image of sheep looks like it is skipping down the street reads, “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.” Image of Native American wielding a gun, reads “As far as I’m concerned, you’re all illegal aliens.” 









Even on Facebook

I saw this graphic the other day that said, “Even on Facebook Jesus is Lord.” I screen cap’d the image thinking I would post it here.

I mean, “Even on Facebook”? What does that mean? Really. Jesus likes when pedophiles rummage through young girl’s pictures that they leave their pictures public? Jesus approves of all the non-Jesus loving messages?

If anything, the conversations on Facebook seem to be hurting Jesus’ image.

Just before I posted the above graphic, I thought, I’d like a version of the graphic that is a higher quality. I google imaged the phrase, and several graphics appeared, but not the one I was looking for.

I thought the two images below were worth posting for some reason. They’re completely ridiculous. And if you could explain either to the rest of us, I would love to read it. Or caption them. Or interpret them via dance, record said dance, and submit it to the rest of us.

It would be appreciated.