Disgruntled with atheists

On Tuesday, I posted a review of Quiet Company’s new album.

I also sent emails to several atheist bloggers telling them about the album. I included my review, but I mainly centered the emails around the idea that this was great music from an atheist perspective.

Only one blogger responded saying that he didn’t have time to blog about it.

No one else gave a flying flip. Not Hemant, or Cynical Chris, not Skeptic Money or the people behind Atheist Media Blog.

Nor anyone else I sent the links to.

Quiet Company’s album is a landmark moment for the atheist cause.

And the bloggers — whom I sent the information to — are so fucking stupid that they have no time for considering such a thing.

It’s disappointing.

It’s telling.

I’m not in the atheist business to make friends … but I feel like making a few fucking enemies.

It goes to show that the leaders in this movement lack oomph.

The most satisfying moment of the day was when regular reader and blogger George W posted this on his facebook page:

The thing is, I didn’t send the album to his blog. He saw the post here and responded on FB.

How cool is that?

Whether you like the art or you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to perpetuate the message of the album.

Does it?

Get your heads out of your collective asses, atheists.


7 thoughts on “Disgruntled with atheists

  1. This album is truly awesome and I wouldn’t have know about it unless you posted the preview here a while back.

    I just purchased my copy from iTunes….

  2. I didn’t post that on Facebook for solidarity- I did it because I genuinely like the music.
    If I knew that my FB antics would sap away my “atheist jerk” cred, I wouldn’t have done it. Besides, I thought I could capitalize on the douchey “I know an awesome band that you don’t/ I listen to popular music before it’s popular” meme.
    How am I supposed to be an arrogant, condescending, pretentious hipster-douche now? Thanks a lot Jer- you ruin everything…..

  3. Regardless, thanks for checking out the music.

    It’s worth a free listen on that site linked in the original thread.

    Kick it!

  4. Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for trying to get the other atheist bloggers on board, all the same. And a big fucking thank you to everyone else who took the time to check out the album after reading Jeremy’s review.
    To me, the biggest forces in moving me from believer to questioner to heretic to unbeliever were works of art, whether it was Kurt Vonnegut’s books or an album like Cursive’s “Happy Hollow.” Most people (sadly) won’t take the time to understand Evolutionary Theory or the implications it can/does make in regards to religious fundamentalism, but everyone likes music, right?
    That being said, we didn’t make this album because we have an agenda, but a few more rational humanists in the world simply cannot be a bad thing, so if we’ve aided in that in any way…icing on the cake.
    Thanks again,

    1. Good music certainly helps. Using it to unite atheists would be like trying to herd cats and synchronize swim too. Too many different tastes in music out there that even a rational person can like or loath. Always good to get the hat tip towards music that might speak to the way a lot of us feel or groove though. Now if someone tried to ban it because of the content, uniting to stop censorship could get the cats in line like opening a can of tuna. 🙂

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