This will satisfy you

I never saw this Snickers ad before, but apparently it was all the rage last year.

I need a Snickers lady costume …

Money, best super power of all

Sorry friends, family and irregular readers, today is going to be a little slower than usual.

I didn’t schedule any posts today. There just wasn’t any time last night.

Insult to injury, my phone died yesterday. The battery decided that it wouldn’t charge anymore.

I have to deal with that. We shoot most of Friday (today), and then we have to prep for NYC.

We drop Talulah off at weekend camp tonight, so that’s going to squeeze me dry of emotion and good feelings.

Money, is in fact, the best superpower of all. And if I don’t make money, I can’t eat, sleep, live or blog.

We’re looking forward to the weekend in Gotham City. We’ll be seeing regular reader Luis V and his lovely love on Sunday night. Quiet Company’s Taylor Muse emailed me to let me know they’d be playing in NYC next week, but we’re going to miss each other.

So all you New Yorkers … consider hitting that show.

In the meantime, there is some great conversation going on a couple threads. Dip in and say hi.