Wish you were here


We’re having a great time here in N to the Y.

We’re hearting it, like the t-shirt says.

Above and below are a couple shots that we got on a runway. You know, I love this work. 🙂





Black Caturday nooner: Hell House Auditions

From Youtube’s one and only .

As we’re approaching Halloween, I thought it was appropriate to upload a video showing a church’s Hell House audition. A Hell House is a Christian version of a haunted house in which visitors walk through different scenarios of sinful people going to Hell when they die. The attraction is meant to scare people (mostly children) into accepting Jesus.

Via Cynical C

It’s Caturday

This fine Caturday is brought to you by Ulysses, a destroyer of cyclopses and withstander of Siren Songs.

Not really.

Ulysses pretends to be owned by regular reader, but not often commenter, Paul. The truth is, Ulysses owns Paul. And now that Ulysses has looked into your eyes and taken control of your feeble mind, he owns you as well.

Paul says, “Ulysses loves shoes. He loves shoe boxes too. Especially shoe boxes that are several sizes too small…”

That made me think of a funny image I saw recently:

Thanks, Paul!

Touch down in N to the Y to the C

Tina beans and I landed in NYC about an hour ago.

And by “landed” I mean we slammed into the runway at LaGuardia harder than any other plane landing ever. When the plane touched concrete, it felt like we bounced sideways, slammed down two more times.

You know how cartoon landings look? That’s how it felt.

The woman sitting on my left told me she was afraid of flying, and after that, she’ll probably rent a car and drive back to Chicago.

I had to get a temporary phone yesterday until I can bring my phone in for service. It should be under warranty. But I doubt Apple is going to be pleased that it broke after getting dropped.

The battery stopped taking a charge after it fell from my hands while packing up my gear on Wednesday’s shoot.

We woke up this morning at three fucking forty five. We made great time to the airport. And the Moses of Transportation kept opening the red seas of lines and transport so we didn’t have much wait time between grabbing a train from our park and ride and getting on the plane.

We even hit the ground 10 minutes earlier than expected here in the big bad city.

I know you know that I love this town … a lot. And despite only being here for a couple days, laden down by equipment and gear, I always feel a heightened sense of coolness after getting a whiff of this thick city air.

Right now, we’re sitting in our hotel lobby sipping a cup of complementary coffee and using the internet for a few minutes.

Watch for a great Caturday image to get posted later.

Oh yeah, I wanted to post this tired, old video of Einstein from 2004 that someone who reads this blog posted on Facebook.

In the video, elementary school Einstein makes the case for god against his dumb atheist teacher. I posted it here before, but I can’t find it. It’s a wing dinger. Especially because it NEVER happened. It’s a legend that got attributed to Einstein somewhere along the way to make believers feel better that a smart child is on their side.

Firstly, it’s from a child Einstein. Even if he were the child depicted, he certainly changed his mind as he explored science and spoke for non-theism. Secondly, Children, even smart ones, brought up in believing households naturally assimilate their parents’ beliefs.

But these are times when people repeat things on no authority … like Darwin recanted on his deathbed. It blows my mind that these things are spoken … out loud.

A quick google produced a snopes response, but I was hoping a couple of you might be so kind to post a few more sources for the video’s inauthenticity. That way, the young man who posted it might get a chance to see how overly covered this topic of young Einstein is.