America, we’re pound sign one

America is number one in crime, rapes, co2 emissions, divorce, teen birth, heart attacks, McDonald’s, plastic surgeries and prisoners.

It’s on a graphic so it must be true.

But if it is true — and over 85% of this country believe in the Christian God — why are the numbers for all line items thought of as morality issues so high?

Any pointers or help you can provide would be awesome.


It’s Wednesdog!

This is a special motion pit-ture version of holy humpy Wednesdog.

This is a video that Tina took while we were driving home from North Carolina last week.

We had the windows open, and Talulah was nosing the air.

When we were in New York, Tina and I were having a beer at The Pony Bar, and she said, “Let’s look at pictures of Talulah and Zoe.” When she pulled up this video, I needed to have it for Wednesdog.

So here it is.


what the kids are posting

The kids over at don’t stop when I’m busy. And by not stopping, they keep posting these deranged images with words that make me feel dirty inside.

Dirty, I tell you.

Must … find … way … to … make them … stop.



William Lane Craig says, “Crap he just destroyed my argument. Don’t worry willy, just reword it so it sounds new. 

I tried using prayer to cure my headache, but Tylenol worked much better. Thank science


The Lord is not my shepherd, for I am not a sheep.