John Barron thinks I’m an obnoxious punk

Well, he does. It’s true I guess. I’m obnoxious.

But so are you. Likely for different reasons than I am.

And Barron’s a bit obnoxious too. He’s all high and mighty about abortion and politics, but believes in a biblical god of violence and torment. It’s an amazing amount of mental gymnastics that he can pull off in a paragraph of “his opinion.”

Look how he responded to this guy Oscar Rivera’s post on Facebook:

You see that. He told the Rivera, a person he’s only met in the blogosphere and on Facebook that he thought he was gay.

Clearly it’s a stereotype. John Barron stereotyped Rivera. Stereotypes are things we all struggle with.

We jump to conclusions.

We judge.

The great thing is, John Barron is a believer and ol’ Rivera is a self-proclaimed atheist. You’ll remember Rivera from this noxious thread of evil.

A tenet of believer-ship is not judging. Admission of judgement is admitting guilt of sin. Oooooo, I’m telling’!


Point is, John Barron is a bad messenger for his cause. And seeing the above admittance of snap judgement validated that his intuition and logic is clearly bad.

He threw a little temper tantrum because he got called out for being an asshole.

I must have sinned against him 491 times already, because his Yeshua Prescribed Forgiveness Punch Card for me is all filled up. And he’s already turned his cheek too many times too.

Damn, that guy follows Yeshua’s words to a T.

Please feel free to read John’s blog here. It’s pretty …

… pretty boring.

I subscribed to it for a couple months, but I was overcome by ennui.

So I cancelled my subscription.


6 thoughts on “John Barron thinks I’m an obnoxious punk

  1. You didn’t have to hide my identity Jeremy, I wasn’t about to cry foul.
    I agree that making a judgement without evidence is both uncouth and decidedly Christian.
    That said, gay men live in a world where they still need to rely on subtle hints and innuendo, and it is sometimes difficult to know the difference between someone who is comfortable in their heterosexuality and someone who is a careful homosexual. Not everyone feels the urge to underscore their hetero-cred with slurs and intolerance. For Christians, who see this as a cultural imperative, someone non-conforming must be a “Homo”.
    I’m sure if I wasn’t married with four kids, John would have assumed the same of me. Maybe he still does- like I’m a congressional Republican or something.

  2. Every time I browse by Barron’s site, I can’t help but think how disconnected this man is from the world.

    Barron kisses his ass over on Rivera’s blog but then throws this childish dig at him.

    Apparently Rivera doesn’t swill enough beer, scratch his crotch in public often enough, yell “Hot damn, look at them titties!”, or deride them there faggots enough to ensure his heterosexuality is clearly seen by all.

  3. Shit, I started a response to G-dub this morning and it must have got lost in the Internet ether.

    I wrote that I blurred your name as a joke. I was trying to leave the W in there, but it got covered more than I hoped.

    It was funny to me.

    I also wrote some other stuff. Shit. I’m pissed.

    And, Steve, your response makes me laugh.

    When I was growing up, I remember getting bent out of shape if anyone called me “gay.” But I was a subject of my environment that it was an abomination to be called that.

    Gosh I hate how many years of healthy views of sexuality that I lost thanks to my environment.

    Thanks Jesus for all your deficient followers who imposed a load of bullshit about sexuality on children.

    That’s REALLY intelligent.

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