Prayer, the *oldest* form of wireless communication?

This one is going around.

“Oldest form of wireless communication. Never a dropped call.”





Okay, I get it. From the Christian perspective, god created man the same time he created animals. But did Adam and Even pray to God in the garden of Eden or did they just open their mouths and speak Hebrew? You know they spoke Hebrew, right?

Did Adam and Eve pray to each other? Or did they grunt and point?

There are other languages that predate Hebrew, but that’s what the bible was written in, so they spoke it.

And there is never a dropped call?

Wait, what?

I remember getting put on hold one too many fucking times.

I happen to know a load of people are praying for yours truly, and that call is getting dropped like AT&T in Afghanistan.

Contrary to most atheist thought, prayer isn’t a complete waste of time. Prayer is a time to connect with the self and discover the things that you need, want and hope for.

Thinking it’s effective or that a being hears prayers and is doing something about it, absolutely not.

Do me a favor and don’t pray for me. Pick up the phone and call me. Find out how I’m doing. Do it for everyone on your prayer list.

You’ll get much better results.

I swear.

Daily Show takes Mormonism, Christianity *and* Judaism … yee-ha!

You gotta watch this clip from the Daily Show. Ostensibly it’s about whether or not we can have a Mormon as president. But the dialogue dips into pointing out the silly behind all three of the big-bad American religions (minus Islam).

It’s as if you took an atheist conversation about all three and pointed out what’s wrong with all of them and stuffed it into a few minute segment.

The clip will take you from Le Café, but it’s worth it. Come back and tell me all about it.

Via Atheist Media

Hold on to your socks … because I’m about to knock ’em off

Just in case the world doesn’t end today as predicted, you should look at this new camera called Lytro.

It looks like a big lipstick dispenser.

But it shoots photos with multiple points of focus.

And when you share you photos with friends, they can choose what part of the image they want to focus on.

Go gawk at the photo gallery here.

There’s something on the site that says it may not yet be ready for PCs. So you’ll just have to believe me when I say it’s really cool.

I’ve got a feeling, though, that it’s just another gadget, and unless the porn industry picks it up, it’s going to fail.

But that’s just me. I’d still like to play with one.

Hey, Lytro, send me a review camera. I’m a pro. I’ll give it a review or two.


Richard Dawkins: Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig

“I refuse to debate William Lane Craig, because I’m a pussy,” says famed atheist biologist Richard Dawkins in a recent un-televised and fictional interview.


Joking aside, there is an editorial in which Richard Dawkins explains his position not to debate WLC.

You can read it here.

In case you don’t know, WLC is a babbling brook of nonsense who is heralded as the goto guy in destroying non-Christian thought. He’s an apologist with a lot of support.

A lot of blind, dumb-information loving support.

Unless you’re a believer, William Lane Craig sucks ass.

If you’ve ever heard him debate, he’ll numb your mind worse than thirty-three shots of tequila on an empty stomach. And you’ll be just as sick by the time it’s through.

To atheists, muslims, Buddhists, and average thinking people, he’s not effective.

I imagine he’s not effective just like Richard Dawkins isn’t effective to believers.

The thing is, Richard Dawkins isn’t black or white. WLC is.

WLC is us vs. them.

Many believers disagree with Richard Dawkins atheism, but not his science. That’s a big difference between him and WLC.

Dawkins can talk logically (somewhat) to many church leaders, because evolution is accepted by those church leaders.

The origin of life is the dispute.

I don’t give a flying fuck if you think god did it at the beginning. That’s not the question. Evolution is what most people agree on as how people came about from other animals.

WLC believes strictly in creationism — that man sprang from god’s utterance — which can neither be proved nor disproved; it must be “accepted”. Evolution has mounds of evidence behind it. And to dispute it is like telling a person with a green shirt on that he’s not wearing a green shirt.

The American dispute over evolution is just that … American.

Yes, that last sentence a generalization. There are many creationist Muslims. And there are lots of ignorant people arguing for all kinds of myths.

We should all remember that — to the American Christian — evolution is a myth. And no amount of science or evidence can change their mind. It’s not a matter of evidence. Because when all the evidence you need for the Yeshua’s resurrection is a sermon, some Sunday School lessons, and four poorly edited books of the bible, there is never going to be evidence to the contrary.

The invisible of the Bible is the most convincing truth of all.

While it’s sad, it’s understandable right? I mean, look at the people in your family who believe. They’re not going to believe differently. They can’t criticize their faith.

And that’s why a debate between WLC and Dawkins is out of the question.

I read today on a business blog about how the great creator made women to be creative. I read it to Tina and we’re in awe wondering how any woman can read the bible and think they are loved by the god of the bible … new or old testament. The atheist movement should be lead by women. At least the agnostics.

I have no idea what PR agency works for the church, call it the “holy spirit,” but damn he’s worth every penny he gets paid.

Women of faith? Men of faith?

Damn straight, they cannot criticize their views.

Me? You? We can point out more errors in our ways of thought than a redneck can shoot holes in a can of coke with his Magnum Pee Eye 57 Chevy Shotgun.

But the believer, unless pressed hard over a bottle of strong beer, can’t find a damn thing wrong with his thought trajectory …

And these are all reasons why Richard Dawkins won’t debate William Lane Craig.

Remember you read it here first.