Why I’m an atheist

PZ Myers at UofT
Image by hyfen via Flickr

If you’re not following the “Why I’m an atheist” series at Pharygula, you’re missing out. A few weeks ago, PZ Myers made a request for submissions and was overwhelmed with the response. The call was for stories about people’s personal atheist story. Pseudonyms, partial or full names could respond.

He intermittently posts one of the submissions, and they are worth a read. Testimonies are a large part of the Christian culture. They encourage other believers to take a more serious look at their own views.

I can see why this effective and popular on PZ’s site.

Here are three recent ones:

I would like to make one “Master of the Obvious” observation. Lately, it feels like we’re getting some responses from the believers’ camp. It strikes me how absent of criticism these people are toward their own belief system.

This may be revisionist history on my part, but the way I was taught was to look critically at my faith. I was able to point out what other people would find wrong, but somehow be able to justify it.

Lately, it seems like no one is able to view their faith with a critical eye.

I think it hurts the cause.

One thing I have found about atheists, and many Christians in my life, is that it feels like at least they can admit certain weaknesses in their views. Why are the vocal kids on this blog unable to do that?

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