Plant your $1,000 seed-faith gift

You’re in luck. Send me $1,000 now, and you’ll get faith seeds and gifts … and stuff.

Not kidding.

Serious offer.

Only serious faithful people apply.

You’re a miracle … just like everyone else

I saw a quote somewhere recently that the world population is nearing seven billion people, which means the value of being one in a million isn’t all that great.

But then you have graphics like this.

If you don’t believe in miracles, you must remember you are one.


People say babies are “miracles.” And in some ways, I’m sure it feels and appears like they are. An egg and a sperm meet, just like tons of other living beings and plants, and the fertilized egg becomes a very close replication of its parents.

Babies are born everyday in every corner of the Earth.

Happens all the time.

Don’t you think it’s self-deceiving to tell people that a baby is a miracle. Or that you’re a “miracle.”

Doesn’t it imply magic?

Or that you should glow beams of light as you walk down the street and drive in your (man-made) car.

Or that infertile beasts like Tina and I are somehow less magical because we can’t have one of these “miracles”?

People seem to forget that 50 years ago or more, a baby’s life expectancy was a toss up. Science has normalized miracles, and people fail to recognize it.

I don’t believe in miracles, because everything I was taught was miraculous never happens. I’m talking old testament fire from heaven, burning bushes, New Testament healings, etc.

Science gives yesterday’s miracles a natural explanation.

The Christian view of what is a miracle has the lowest bar ever.

And I would appreciate if you believed that babies are miracles, you’d keep that shit to yourselves.

That, dear reader, would be a miracle.


You need to be at our parties!

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Here are a few shots that we did at a party that my colleague and soon-to-be-full-fledged partner Bill Whitmire and I did.

We set up a photobooth and had a blast shooting some of the people there.

These are only a few, which now that I look at it, is only a few of us. You should see the rest. 🙂

BTW: Guess who Bill is and you get 500 internet points.