Randomosity: Sewage Lady vs. NYC

When you walk through NYC, you could be having a lovely walk when suddenly the smell of urine or something worse will smack you in the nose so hard you want to hurl.

When we were at the baggage claim at Chicago O’Hare last week, there was a woman sitting on a bench near Tina who was resting her barking pups. The woman may have been homeless. Her attire was dirty, and she had pushed her feet off her ashy feet.

From five or six feet away, she smelled like she’d be dipped in sewage and the stuff that comes out of Talulah’s anal glands.

I’m trying to decide which odor I hate most.

Although, because of all New York’s positive traits, the odor smacks are much more justifiable.

What the kids are posting

“They” keep posting, keep hatin’ and we keep lovin’.

My favorite one is the top one which has been around for a while:

Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) says, “The McRib has come back like twenty times. Ball’s in your court Jesus.” 



Drill a hole in your hands so we can be brothers. Fuck off jesus


Get your own heroin Jesus