It’s Wednesdog!

This Wednesdog is dedicated to sweet Audrey, our neighbor’s longtime companion who recently passed away.

Occasionally, Tina and I walked Audrey. I’ll never forget one time about four months ago, Tina went down to get Audrey, and she raced back into the house and said, “Um, would you go down and check. Audrey isn’t waking up.”

I walked downstairs and tentatively approached Audrey. She didn’t wake up. I patted her chest, and she stirred. She looked up and with all her might, she got up and started wagging her tail.

“Phew.” We didn’t want to be the ones to pass along the news.

A few weeks ago, Audrey’s owner was going on vacation. Just before leaving, Audrey passed away.

Audrey lived a great life, just like every dog should. She loved walks. She even enjoyed a few walks with Talulah. And even with arthritis and her age, she enjoyed getting out to smell trees and rocks with the rest of them.

Here’s a shot of Audrey and her best friend that I was proud to have taken within this past year.



Hump Day Nooner: The House Bunny mnemonic

I’m an Anna Farris fan. And while House Bunny wasn’t that great, Farris’ other work has been stuff that I can watch over and over.

This scene is our favorite scene from House Bunny. It shows how Farris’ humor is dark and her deliveries are amazing, despite the pretty, collagen-injected lips.

This scene makes me laugh and laugh. I love it when the Beetlejuice inspired girl beside her sits up after she repeats “Harmony.”

And then at the end when she explains it’s her mnemonic, the timing from explanation to saying “Natalie” in that voice is comic genius.

Thanks, Tina!

What the cool Christians are posting

I’m likely going to catch some flack for the above title. Whatever.

I follow a couple Christian blogs. You all remember John Shore (@johnshore) and Julie Ferwerda.

The cool Christians will be a series of posts from Christian blogs that are worth a look once in a while.

Shore thinks I’m a liar and a jerk, but I still think he’s doing good work. He’s worth a peek once in a while. These are the cool kids, because they are out to show traditional believers ideas that actually bring them closer to what we view as acceptable thought.

First John Shore:

And from Ferwerda:

  • In a post “Allowing the Questions” about questioning everything, Ferwerda continues her exploration of biblical inerrancy vs errancy.
  • In “The Doctrine of Hell Breeds Arrogance,” Ferwerda reveals more about her new-found views on hell and what the bible really says (or doesn’t say) about the tradition of this baseless doctrine.

It’s not that I agree with what’s written in the articles, it’s that these are the messages from the horses’ mouths that it’s important to read now and again. These are the folks that are more open minded than the average bears, and I feel we should help them spread their messages.

… if Yeshua existed …

If Yeshua existed, we have very little evidence that he was an all-knowing, superior being with the keys to life and the universe.

Even as a Christian, I thought the guy (Jesus) was a huge letdown.

And by letdown, I mean the biggest, fart-y-est deflated honk you’ve ever heard.

While Jesus walked the earth, and he negated all those dumb old testament laws (except homosexuality, slavery, and women’s rights), he should have also revamped some of the original “Intelligent Designs.”

Don’t ya think?

Hell, current Christians have ignored all that Jesus said, so maybe it’s a lost cause.

But that’s not my point. My point is how awful the human body is

And I mean that as an awful segue.

I mean, think about the clothes you pull off yourself after you workout. Hell, think about the underwear you wear after a long day at work.

Working out is “good for you.”


Working out helps you live longer, right?

Working out is good for the body, the heart, the mind.

A worked out body is one you want to … you know … fuck, right?

And sex leads to more followers for Yeshua, ideally, right?

But a body just after working out is this many dead rats close to hideous, right?

Yeshua should have shown some foresight in the workout department.

Not only did Jesus not say, “Blessed are those who work out, for they will live longer than 35 or 40 years.” He also didn’t say, “My father installed a deficient system of sweat removal and stink making. My father made working out a negative, because you wreak so badly afterward. Nobody wants to have sex with an un-washed body. I’ll help you out and change these human-body deficiencies so you won’t feel inhibited to make more children.

“In 1900 years, when men and women who work out, they won’t wonder what cheese they left under their taint when they’re just about to get it on.”

I mean for real. We aren’t nearing seven billion people on earth because of god. We’re nearing that because people learned to wash themselves after working out because they figured out they could get some if they washed under their hooch once in a while.

I said “hooch.”