The sanctity of marriage! We’re pound sign one! #fail

Obvious Conclusion of the Day

The reports are in. Kim “That Money-Hungry Bitch” Kardashian’s getting a divorce after her lavish wedding 72 days ago, broadcast on E! and bolstered by all the gossip mags possible.

This fame-whore is only famous because she has a big ass, a popular dad and a contract with the devil.

And the magical history of heterosexual marriage in this country is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We tell the world — the universe — that we’re a one-woman/one-man kind of country that upholds the sanctity of marriage like no other.

And yet, this is a land where TV networks, TV personalities and industries can make more money off one wedding than the population of my neighborhood makes in their lifetimes.

Ryan Seacrest might have made $18 million from the event.

Why is this country fighting over gay marriage again?

Doesn’t everyone have the right to make millions off of the worthless notion of celebrity weddings in this country?

Holy matrimonial bullshit.

I’ll believe this is a one-woman/one-man kind of world when the sanctimonious corporate culture gives a shit about respecting weddings.

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2 thoughts on “The sanctity of marriage! We’re pound sign one! #fail

  1. Irreconcilable differences?

    If I made millions of marrying Tina, I could find millions of different irreconcilable differences.

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