Take it in the teeth.

Last week, I botched up sound on a video job with a high profile client.

I cried about it. Literally.

It hurt me so much and I fretted it as if this was the worst thing that has ever happened. I hired a pro, I mean an award winning sound engineer, and asked him to help.

What happened, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

On set, I left one piece out of a puzzle to make the sound perfect. It was a wire. And that wire was all that was left out of two cameras, lights and a prompter.

Anyone who knows production, understands that video production isn’t usually a one-person job. I’ve spoiled this client to think I can do two-camera work with only one dude. Typically, there’s one person to do teleprompter, one person for each of the cameras, and one more person to help with sound and lights.

Tina worked the job with me, but she was on teleprompter.

Regardless of how many people worked, I fucked up the sound.

I figured out I screwed up while I was striking my equipment, but by then it was too late. The client was the president of the company. He wanted to run off to his next meeting.

On the way home, I hooked my laptop audio into the car’s sound system and started editing sound. I knew I needed help.

I sent it to a friend who knows sound and then I sent it to a pro and said, “No holds barred. Whatever you need to charge me, you’ve got carte blanche.”

After much deliberation and tweaking, I sent the file today thinking I was in a good spot. My cleint called and said it was not good enough. “It’s not professional.”

Those words sting like a hundred bees attacking your naked body.

So tomorrow, yes Wednesdog, I’m going to make good on the failure. Well, I think I am anyway. I haven’t yet heard back from the client.

But I’m packed up ready to go. Hoping she’ll give the green light.

In the meantime, I trust you’ll have a great Wednesdog. I have a couple shots to post. But you should send me some shots just in case. Maybe I need something for next week.


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