I’d rather be associated with Occupying Wall Street than Tea Baggin’

About the vid:

Uploaded by  on Oct 24, 2011

“1%, Your money’s spent to circumvent the People’s intent…
You jacked the rent, caused this descent ‘cuz you broke our sacred covenant.
I’ll pop a tent and we’ll pound cement. We won’t back down, no we won’t relent
till we unfuck, to the full extent, what you did to corrupt to our government…”

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Steve Bricks (co-producer, arranger and co-writer) is happy to live in a country where people put freedom before greed. http://twitter.com/stevebricks

Garret John (co-producer, vocalist and song writer) went to Occupy Wall Street and was so inspired, he joined a great bunch of organizers to help start Occupy Boston. Facebook: http://on.fb.me/GarretJohn

Album Cover Photo by D Markus Witt – See more Occupy Photos athttp://www.facebook.com/DMarkusWitt

Thanks, Julie!

What the funny kids are posting


Photo of a street sign that reads, “21th st.” 

Photo of a great dane and a tiny black chihauhua, reads, “One of my spots just fell off.” 

Graphic reads, “Single (noun): A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen.” 


Photo of cats standing on bed reads, “Did you see our human? I think it’s still outside.”

Photo of space. Graphic reads, “When you wish upon a star, you’re a few million lightyears late. That star is dead. Just like your dreams.” Illustration of pigeon reads, “I will shit on everything you love.” 
A collection of funny from Tastefully Offensive and reddit.com/r/funny









Apparently Andy Rooney died. I found this graphic of one of his quotes for you to enjoy.

He says, “Everyone starts out being atheist.”

I remember a couple Sunday School and school lessons that said, “Even if you didn’t know the Christian god as an adult, you’d know one existed because of nature. As soon as people told you about Jesus, you’d accept him.”

That kinds of statements always bothered me. I feel like I knew early that if I wasn’t raised by Christians, I would never choose it on my own. And why does nature speak to a deity? That’s a bold statement.

Tide goes in, tide goes out?

Just because there is beauty in the universe or on Earth doesn’t mean god exists. And if god exists, and the bible — his word and Jesus — is his greatest physical achievement apart from “creation,” how that is expected to be impressive is beyond me.

Poop on my shoe. 

So you know, I stepped in poop yesterday, and a little bit is still on my shoe. I can smell it as I type this.

Dinner blog

Last night, I made steak with soy-butter sauce and slaw with edamame. It didn’t photograph well. But it was really good.

I’ll have to post the recipe another time, but the sauce for the steak was excellent. It had ginger, orange juice and zest, rice vinegar, soy sauce, thickened with butter.

The slaw was supposed to be broccoli slaw, but the grocery store was out. With edamame and a dressing made of all the above without the butter but with toasted sesame oil … it was so tasty.

Referencing a web site using MLA format. 

Last night on Facebook, the daughter of my college mentor and English 101-02 professor asked how to reference a web site using MLA format. I responded and said, “Use your Little Brown.” She didn’t know what a Little Brown was.

My mentor said Little Brown was to take the place of my bible.

I’m surprised she didn’t know.

I’m friends with her, because I lived at their house while I completed an internship in college. I know the family quite well.

Don’t you love random thoughts?

I get exciting snail mail

If the closest thing I get to fan mail is a physical copy of the new CD from Quiet Company, “We are all where we belong,” well I’ll be a happy camper.

I’m excited to add the CD to the car stereo so we can throw it on anytime a believer gets in. We’ll crank it up and force them to renounce Jesus … the way all atheists should.


Didn’t you learn anything from Andy Rooney?

Isn’t he forcing his atheism on the world by telling people about it on TV? And don’t you find it odd that 85% of America — according to Christians — believe in god and yet the whole of the media (99% at least) — it seems — is composed of godless liberals?

And don’t you think it’s weird that your shoes smell like poop sometimes?

Randomosity. I love you.