Same-sex penguin pair forced to divorce

Science-loving and liberal-minded people already know that homosexuality in nature is more common and understandable than any conservative will have you believe.

The original headline on this video was, “Same-sex penguin pair fascinates zookeepers.” That surprised me a little.

Were they really fascinated by this phenomenon. Or was this how the media decided to encapsulate the story into a headline?

I mean, did you read the story of the OWS guy who assaulted the kids at McDonald’s for not hooking him up with free food. He was obviously OWS, because he was “seen with the protesters.” It’s not unlike me to be seen with children, but that doesn’t make me a child. Every day I walk with a dog, but that doesn’t make me a dog.

Peeing while sitting makes me no more a girl than a woman peeing standing up makes her a man.

I am riding this tangent as far as it will go

My point is: it’s not uncommon for penguins to attract to same sex partners. Here’s a story of two male penguins adopting an orphan penguin.

And everyone knows that worship led by a penguin is much better than worship led by a orphan, gay penguin.

Or something like that.

I get confused on that metaphor.



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