Random Entomology

I’ve been going through photos lately, and I stumbled on this great one of some insect that I was hoping you would identify, so I don’t have to.

Guesses? Declarations?

This is your chance to show your superiority.


Pat Robertson told me Tina and I are not married

In the above video, Pat Robertson says that marriages performed by civil servants or non-religious officiants are not recognized by god.

Which means Tina and I are not officially married. We were married by a mental health professional.

Well, I’ll be a man living in sin. I am an abomination.

And I’m loving every minute of it.


photography that inspires me

Tina and I recently met Jeffery Sebelia — winner of the 2007 season of Project Runway — at an apparel show here in Chicago.

This is a photo I took of Jeffrey and Tina.

We talked to him about his line for a few minutes. He’s super cool, and we had a blast chatting. Too bad we were working, we would have stayed longer.

His clothing line for kids is rock-n-roll cool, and we’d dress our kids in his stuff if we had a chance.

I was turned on by his catalogs, which I have on my desk. I want to use them for inspiration to shoot kids. I love how the kids were directed to just be calm and cool. They are little Fonzies. The lighting is simple and cool. The sweep is easy.

We are inspired.

Here’s another shot (below). Go check out his site and find out where to buy Sebelia’s clothes. The line is called, La Miniatura.

Open your eyes

Lately I’ve been reading, researching and practicing photo editing.

This is hugely thanks to Bill, the photographer that I’m partnering with. I mean, I knew how to edit photos. But now I’m editing differently. I’m expanding by reading books and learning new industry tricks.

I feel that I’m improving. But I feel I have so much more to learn.

For example, take the above photograph. I feel like I’ve made it better and I’m proud of the image, but yet I feel there are still many things I don’t know that would make it better.

Did you read that? I said, there are lots of things I don’t yet know.

The above image is better — way better than the way I sent it to her mother — but there are things I’m not happy about. The little girl doesn’t look natural enough to me. The sand on her right cheek doesn’t read sandy enough.

I must keep improving

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