Yahweh’s grace and mercy are free. Just send $1000 for it, and it’s yours … ABSOLUTELY FREE

The inspired instruction of god is to send these poor, poor religious leaders your hard-earned money.

And they will use it to further the kingdom.

Did you know that, The kingdom of god has a number system … science finally caught up with god’s advanced mind. With your gift, his Will will finally open up to you.

Without $1000, god will pass you over, and he’ll let the devil get his filthy hands on you, your children and your children’s children.

So send your money.

God’s love and grace are free. Please send your money to receive it.

It’s Wednesdog!





This Wednesdog is brought to you by  a Talulah Twofer!

Talulah has been dying to get some free publicity, so she’s been kissing up to me with big licks and ear nibbles.

These shots were Tina’s attempts to dress Talulah up for Halloween. The shot above is a babushka and below, a cowboy.


How cute is this cutie? 



Dobson: a vote for Obama is a vote against Jesus … that’s the Republican way!

Did you know God will stop blessing us if Obama wins the next election? This is straight from the horse’s mouth.

Well, not THE horse.

But a horse.

Dr. James Dobson says it so it must be true.

We should vote Obama back in office so we can finally see God’s powers, shouldn’t we? I mean, we’d finally have an unambiguous sign of the deity’s existence.

That would be fantastic.

About the video:

Uploaded by  on Nov 7, 2011

James Dobson, featured on the “One Nation Under God” DVD, says God will stop blessing the US if people don’t vote correctly (i.e., for conservative Republicans.)