LOL: Cure for Tourettes!

Tee-shirt reads: What do we want? A cure for tourettes! When do we want it? Cunt!

And people thought it was impossible to fall in love with an inanimate object.

I LOVE this tee-shirt!

Via I have seen every cunt cure for tourettes on the internet. 



12 thoughts on “LOL: Cure for Tourettes!

    1. I don’t know where to buy it. I’ve looked.

      There’s A LOT of people looking for this shirt today.

      How many of the rest of you want to buy this?

  1. Members of the TS community would like to make you aware of how offensive your Tourette’s merchandise is. I am sincerely requesting that you remove this from your website. Tourette syndrome is not a joke. Perhaps you are not aware that thousands and thousands of people suffer from this often tormenting and debilitating disorder. Do you also make jokes about autism or those who suffer from diabetes or any other illness?

    Only about 10% of people with TS experience coprolalia… which is the cursing aspect of TS that the media likes to blow out of proportion. Your negative merchandise adds to this misconception that our community is tirelessly working to combat in society. Awareness and factual information are essential for people with Tourette syndrome. This merchandise does not support awareness…it supports ignorance.

    We ask that you please not try to make a profit off other people’s misery and misfortune. Please do the right thing and remove jokes about Tourette syndrome from your merchandise.

    I encourage you to learn the facts about Tourette syndrome and visit Tourette Association of America:

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    Tourette Syndrome Awareness Supporters

    1. Hello all of you at Tourette Syndrome Awareness Supporters,

      While I appreciate your goal, we aren’t merchandising or selling this t-shirt. I have the feeling someone absently found this blog and cut and pasted this reply and moved on.

      If it’s the case that you’ve not gone far, I exhibit signs of TS and find this shirt to be HILARIOUS (note the all caps).

      If you don’t find it the same way, pull that plug out of your ass. Holy shit, life’s too short to troll web sites cutting and pasting poor-sport, whiny, rants bemoaning perfectly reasonable humor. Do you know why? Because with comedy: NOTHING is sacred.

      Having to explain that means, well, perhaps you have more wrong than TS.

      Thanks for your time!


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