The Road to Hana

Tina and I were playing with some of the GoPro footage we took while in Hawaii back in July. We thought you might like to see some of it.

This is footage from the Road to Hana.

I sped it up considerably, because it gets a little boring going at a normal pace. It’s better to watch it in 720, but I’ll let you do whatever you want.




inspirational photographer: Bill Cunningham

Last night, Tina and I watched a documentary on Bill Cunningham, a street photographer who works for the NY Times. He’s an 80+ year old workaholic, who puts me to shame.

He’s an amazing talent, and validates the idea that I try to carry my camera everywhere I go. It made me feel guilty for not carrying it more often.

Sometimes I doubt bringing it. People might think I’m weird. I seriously don’t want to miss an opportunity for a photograph.

Cunningham eats, sleeps and drinks photography. He doesn’t want a kitchen in his apartment so he can have more room for his file cabinets.

I highly recommend this documentary.

Where regular readers live

I shot this photo on our way into regular-reader Luis’ apartment when we were in NYC.

I found the shot on a flash card and though you might like to see it.

Luis’ building is an old Tuberculosis hospital sort of place. You know, one of those joints near water that people believed helped TB patients.

Luis should pipe up and tell us all what it is.

In the meantime, if I catch you stalking him now that you’ve seen where he lives, I’ll call 911 on you.


There goes the neighborhood

Last night around 11:30, the Red Line L train stopped behind our condo for about 20 or 25 minutes. When this happens, my catchphrase is, “The new neighbors have moved in.”

I took a couple photos of our new neighbors, all miserable, waiting for the damn train to budge. For 11:30 at night, the train was pretty full.

When you’re stuck on a train like this there are messages preceded by three boops that are always annoying. “Boop boop boop, this train is waiting for signals ahead. We will move again shortly.”

I took a shot with a flash, but it’s not that great. I’ll show you anyway.

Click either to enlarge.