Artists who dip their toes into new mediums

A close artist friend of mine named Ryan recently took the leap into the world of digital photography. Ryan designed our wedding invites, and we have his art up in our condo.

Here’s some of his art here.

He’s amazing with pen and ink. Often, his focus is letterforms. But he can draw so much more. But illustration is not often very lucrative. It’s difficult, and tricky to price out. Without a good break and especially with this economy, the future of an illustrative artist is dim.

This has deflated Ryan often.

Intermittently over the years, he called me asking for advice on which camera to buy. Between cold feet and other factors, he always decided to postpone his purchase.

About two months ago, he called and said he couldn’t decide on a camera to buy. I told him, “I’ll send you an old camera of mine that I’m not using. I’ll send you nice glass, and you can better decide if it’s something you want to do.”

I’m glad I did.

Ryan already has an amazing artist foundation. He understands scale and proportion. His framing is inspiring and whimsical.

But the even more amazing thing about Ryan was he did lots of press prep work throughout his professional career. His Photoshop background is translating into great post work.

Ryan has been snapping amazing shots (like the one above). Or this one below.

Go check more of his work here.

Be inspired. I know I am.

There’s never been a better time than right now to start your 10,000 hours of self-expansion.

What the funny kids are posting

We like to check in with the funny kids, because taking everything seriously is not in our job descriptions.

Here’s a collection of funny images from I have seen the whole of the Internet, and Tastefully Offensive.

Happy Friday … and join the chorus to tell all those eleven eleven eleven weirdos to fuck off.


Image of windmill reads, “Renewable Energy, I’m a big fan.” 

Comic of two kids sitting under tree. Girl says to boy, “I’ll love you forever and ever until something better comes along or i get bored.” 

If you say swag one more time, I will punch your goddam esophogus

Image of two people taking a photograph. Tourist vs. art graduate

Image of lobster getting its first knife plunge reads, I was told this wristband was for cancer awareness. 
Image of cat with backwards hat photoshopped in, reads, “Has many expensive and fancy toys, favorite toy is a bottle cap.”