Creamy pesto and cheese lasagna stacks

In honor of my non-meat eating audience — and you know who you are (Paul) — I made creamy pesto and cheese lasagna stacks tonight.

And let me tell you, they were excellent.

The recipe was, you take pesto and lots of cheese with some no-bake lasagna pasta, throw it all in the oven and hope for the best.

This is the result.

I recommend it.


It’s Caturday!

This Caturday is brought to you by Zoe Sandwiches. When lunchtime comes and you don’t know what else to eat, try a Zoe Sandwich. They’re good for what ails you.

Here’s a bonus Caturday pic (below) of Zoe admiring a squirrel — the same squirrel from the previous post.

In the shot, Zoe wants to make a squirrel sandwich.