Verbal assault

Today Tina went to the gym. While she paying the parking meter, she overheard a woman say something about a mannequin being hot in the Gap window.

When she turned around to look at who the woman was talking to, the woman looked back and verbally assaulted Tina, calling her ugly, saying her nose was big, and that she should commit suicide.

It shook Tina up, and I was angry I wasn’t there, because I would have verbally assaulted her back. Tina felt compassion for the woman, thinking she was nuts and didn’t deserve a response.

Meanwhile Tina is hurt. Those words really stung. No one should talk to my Tina like that.

I mean, who tells someone they’re so ugly they should commit suicide.

What a douchebag.

6 thoughts on “Verbal assault

  1. I think Tina did the right thing. The woman probably was disturbed. I mean talk about your complete overreaction!
    Seriously, people suck at times.

  2. Tina likely did the right thing, but I can’t say I would have. I’m more like Jer, I have a pretty long fuse- but when it goes off, well……
    Besides that, Tina is hot.
    If I were single, and I didn’t know her husband, I’d totally be all over that.
    Don’t tell her that though.
    Tell her I think she is pretty. No. Wait. Elegantly beautiful. That sounds so much more gentlemanly. She’ll like that.

  3. George – your generous and kind words make the traumatic event almost worth it!

    My first thought was to turn around and scream back at her. She she was clearly mentally ill, which I gathered by her using her hand as a cell phone and talking very loudly. I know from personal experience that you cannot rationalize with someone like that.

    She wanted a reaction from me and the best thing for me was to walk away.

  4. I believe Tina did the right thing.

    I’m saying that if I were there I would have acting out in protection of her.

    Nobody tells my loved one that they are inferior and gets away with it.

  5. Tina, you’re beautiful and don’t forget it. And…Jeremy I believe you, and it’s probably best you were’nt there. I’m trying to imagine what you would have said. I’d probably have hidden behind the nearest mailbox with camera rolling. An instant Youtube sensation in the making.

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