I knew you hated atheism, but you categorize us as worse than rapists? Really?

I gotta defer you guys over to Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta, who writes about a new study that ranks public perception of atheism and atheists as worse than Muslims and rapists.

We’ve heard this news before, and I’ll let Hemant tell you more. He’s got charts!

So go check it out here.

The recommendations in Hemant’s article are a must read:

First, we have to continue doing community service — serving at food banks, donating to charity, giving blood, etc. Show people that we can be good without god.

Second, we have to let people we trust know that we’re atheists. People think poorly of atheists because they don’t think they know any. It’s a shock to their system when they find out someone close to them doesn’t believe in a god… so shock them! Let them know that someone they already trust is an atheist.



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