I found a homeless shot of myself

Tonight, Bill and I rocked a photo shoot with a band called Gag Order.

Here’s a shot of me during a lighting test. I photoshopped the hell out of it, but I thought it represented what I would look like if I were homeless and some dude passed me without dropping change in my cup.

Impressive: Bible Designs

These designs based on the Bible are really cool. Go check them out.

Growing up in the church, I was very critical of art inspired by belief. It’s always a pleasure to see well-designed work, and this is no exception.

The artist’s name is Jim LaPage. Very well done, LaPage.


The graphic above has this caption:

If you’re female and grew up in the church at all, chances are you’ve heard 1 Timothy 2:11. Paul states “A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.” Not real surprising he stayed single, huh? Read the full Word…

Via Clusterflock

Not everybody masturbates when everybody should

Well, this story is likely embarrassing for believing folks.

Imagine the man above, call him Paul A. Laduke, sitting in a classroom full of students with his hand grappling his penis and stroking it.

Is that appropriate behavior?

To make matters worse, Laduke is a teacher at Shaumburg Christian High School. That’s probably not going to go over well with parents.

But, the bible is full of indecent acts of sexuality, so maybe he was using the bible as his moral compass. It gets confusing when you take that stuff literally.

I mean, the story of Lot and his daughters can entice sexually oppressed old men. And don’t forget Onan. Oh, and Hosea was told to marry a dirty prostitute to show … wait, what was he trying to show?

Maybe Laduke thought he was doing the Lord’s work. Who knows.

Let’s make sure Laduke cuts off that dirty hand of his, since it caused him to sin.

I can’t believe how offensive I’m being over this offensive story.