Pastor Tom Vineyard says 50% of murders in large cities are committted by homosexuals

This video of Pastor Tom Vineyard of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma is providing even more disdain toward the absent-minded, dim-bulbed, archaic, brain-dead, ugliness that oozes out of “literal” biblical teaching.

If this is treating your neighbor as yourself by ignorantly lying about falsified stats, why would good folks associate themselves with that kind of mindset?


When I meet my friends, I like to fire hose them with mace. That’s the kind of guy I am.

I saw this over at The Daily What.

Supposedly that’s a dude getting maced by police at a Occupy Oregon Protest.

And below, that’s a shot of an 84 year old woman after getting sprayed.

I’m not appalled.

This is a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles, and Christian action, and we act like it every day.

These photos are representations of that kind of “love.”