Clearly there’s no disconnect between Gingrich and the 99%

Speaking at the Thanksgiving Family Forum, Newt Gingrich tells Occupy Wall Street to take a bath and get a job.

I smell a buttload of bumper stickers getting printed really soon.

I love how the OWS message is lost on conservatives. They’re just a bunch of bums looking for handouts, aren’t they?

If only we knew some people who believed in Jesus to come to the rescue and talk to Republicans. Maybe then they would get it.

Well, throw off my ring and call me a bachelor

Tina booked up her day with girlfriends. She’s got brunch in the suburbs followed by some seminar.

So Talulah, Zoe and I are going to live it up today. We’re going to do things that we never ever do. Or rarely do.

We’re going to do things like blogging, photo editing, cooking, and Chucking It. Maybe I’ll let Talulah Chuck It and I’ll run after the ball.

That’ll mix it up.

While you’re at it, call me, Stewie

Last night I made the first stew of the season. It wasn’t too cold out, but it sure tasted good. It’s a beer based stew that I’ve made before.

Sorry Paul, it’s not vegetarian.

I’m looking forward to leftovers for lunch.

Ring and Run = Annie, Get your gun!

Last night, I saw an update on Facebook that read:

Its 11pm and someone just rang our door bell twice. No one’s at the door and that makes me nervous…. Thankful for guns!!

Could you imagine the news if some 12 year olds got shot for ding-dong ditching some house?

Maybe before Facebook, people thought this kind of thing, but you’d never know it.

Or I would never know it.

Why would “guns” have to be a part of the update? Are your taxes not working in your community? Your local police department is too busy driving by your house at 11 p.m.? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a gun. But announcing it on FB?

What’s the point?

Oh well. I guess I’m more naive than I thought.

It’ll likely be a bit quiet around here today. I hope if it’s your day off, it’s relaxing for you, too.