News flash: atheism is a mental disorder. In other news, Vox Day trolls his own blog.

According to le Café Witteveen’s blog stats, I’m getting incoming hits from Vox Day‘s blog. Here’s the post in question, but I can’t figure out who or what is linking to le Café. If you can figure it out, I would be much obliged.

But there have been 46 hits so far from Vox Day. And for this blog, it’s a noticeable amount.

If you don’t know who Vox Day is, join the club. I only know about him, because when I read The God Delusion, I wanted to read as much against the book as possible. Vox Day wrote and self published a free PDF book defending Christianity against Richard Dawkins’ oeuvre — but I cannot find it at the moment. Perhaps it was an early edition of this book called, “The Irrational Atheist,” which trollishly features cover art like Sam Harris’ book, “The End of Faith” (see above).

When I read Vox Day’s book, I was appalled by the sheer amount of grammatical errors. Not that I don’t have grammar errors here, but this was a published work. I edit my work, and admittedly have a tough time with it.

I have no room to talk, I guess.

Vox Day’s book was a long, meandering rant against Dawkins with little to no citation. And when he wrote Dawkins in the possessive, he typed out, “Dawkins’s.”

What a moron. 

Vox Day is relatively popular voice among a certain breed of believers. I think he’s American and defends a highly American version of belief, but he moved to Italy so that he could be somewhere nice when America’s economy imploded.

This blog post from which I’m getting hits is about an atheist troll on his blog.

Vox Day has done what I would do: he’s making an example of this troll — whose handle is TruthOverFaith. Vox Day is pointing out how TruthOverFaith is a prime example of how atheists have mental disorders and disbelief is stupid.

I mean look at the way TruthOverFaith talks! Here’s an example:

And then Jesus said, “How in the hell does my barbaric blood sacrifice fit in to this fucking conversation!! You need to talk about my precious, fucking blood sacrifice for your goddamned sins!!”-Jesus Christ

In response, Vox Day writes (emphasis mine):

The reason I don’t delete these is that they demonstrate more cogently and convincingly than I ever could one of my major points about atheism, which is to say, that it is indicative of psychological disorder. Now, obviously not all atheists exhibit this incessant vulgarity, intellectual immaturity, and general social autism. But there is a sufficiently strong correlation than more research into the potential causal relationship is indicated; I note that the initial research into the subject has already offered scientific support for my original hypothesis of a link between atheism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Just as people judge Christianity by the Christian, atheism is judged by the atheist. And that it is why it behooves us to permit the public face of atheism to exhibit itself rather than sweep the ugliness under the carpet. There is no need to respond to this sort of comment, as it speaks sufficiently for itself.

Just so you know, Vox Day is not a scientist or a psychologist, and he has an hypothesis that I have Asperger’s. He is diagnosing your disorder as you read this. Isn’t that neat?

But even more importantly, he writes that there is no need to respond to this sort of comment?




Hey Vox Day, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your logic might have a hole in it. I mean, isn’t your entire post a response?

Not only that, but then over 90 of your readers have responded to this post. So much for “no need to respond to this sort of comment” is there?

This might — just might — make Vox Day a troll on his own blog. He’s purposefully provoking discussion while saying he’s not provoking responses.

Perhaps if he only posted the comments and then said something about how dumb and idiotic atheists are, that would have been sufficient.

Atheism is a mental disease … that you were born with

I get it. Atheism is a mental disorder. That’s quaint. We say that same load of horse shit about believers and believers resort to using the same language toward us.

If you read through the comments on Vox Day’s post, many of the voices say things like, “Yeah, shame on TruthOverFaith for making fun of our views. His views are retarded.” And they use the word “retarded.”

But are atheists mentally challenged?

Are believers mentally challenged?

Just so we’re all on the same page, we were all born with the atheist psychological disorder and everyone is infected with the religious healing of their environment’s choice once indoctrination begins.

I choose the mental disorder I was born with. What’s your problem?

Would the crazy one please stand up? 

Aren’t we all a little nuts and some of us hide it better than others? There are vocal advocates for lots of views. But we’re expressing views out loud or in print. Anytime a person opens their mouth, craziness might — just might — come out.

I mean, put a bullhorn that transposes your thoughts into words that all can hear, what would happen? You would think that your thoughts would qualify you for prison or even the electric chair. But if you hooked those same bullhorns to everyone, you’d find that we’re all about the same. Some people need a little more help, and thank science there is help available for many disorders.

I have a bull horn on a lot of my thoughts … that renders me … by your secret thoughts … a nut.

I suspect I’m a little in need of some mental health professionals, and I’ve worked with a professional in the past. It’s really effective way to work through difficult issues. How awesome is it to work with a completely third party who is paid to listen and workout kinks in your mental armor?


I doubt atheism all the time. I think, “Holy shit! What if I’m wrong. I could seriously roast in hell for all this disbelief and advocating disbelief in others.”

But then I think about the gospel message, and I can’t do it. It’s not for me. And I don’t understand how anyone else thinks it’s for them, but those people can’t understand how atheism is for me.

I’m human, and if that makes me nuts, too, so be it.

Being Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. doesn’t make you any less crazy than me.

Humanity puts us on the same playing field.





11 thoughts on “News flash: atheism is a mental disorder. In other news, Vox Day trolls his own blog.

  1. Wow there’s some nastiness and very unChristian vileness on there .. Makes me so glad I’m a rational 100% sane freethinking atheist non-autistic ( not that there’s anything wrong with being autistic as my nephews are both on the spectrum) personage 🙂

  2. Random bit and minor point that has nothing to do whatsoever with the main subject of your post … According to Strunk’s The Elements of Style, the “Dawkins’s” is actually appropriate. “Dawkins” (being a last name), isn’t considered plural, so singular possessive would render “Dawkins’s” technically correct, the same way the book belonging to Charles would be Charles’s. It just looks funny, and has fallen out of common usage. 🙂

    For reference:

    (Yes, I’m also a fan of the Oxford comma.)

    That’s all! Carry on.

    1. Well hell, how about that.

      I was taught to avoid S apostrophe S. You have taken this challenge and won.

      I concede mental deficiency as well.

      I’m a fan of the AP Style comma, but I don’t write exclusively in AP Style. I get lazy.

    1. By the way, one of my favorite comments that discussion:

      “Why democracy is a fail. Atheists shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”


    2. You win!

      I wanted to make a comment about the idea that they were linking to an atheist blog about something juvenile that made them laugh.

      But I wasn’t quite sure how to sell the joke.

  3. Also,
    My Godson has Asperger’s Syndrome, and it isn’t even remotely similar to what Vox thinks it is.
    Someone with Asperger’s might mull over the minutiae of your last comment, or go overboard proving one particular claim wrong, or be unable to catch a joke or bit of sarcasm- but he certainly wouldn’t dive into an unfunny and unrelated tangent.

    He can’t even get his insults right.

    1. I read through the comments very quickly. But I think one of his supporters said something to the effect of, “I have aspies, and it’s not that.

      I’d have to look back through, but I don’t care that much.

      And congrats! I was able to find it during a subsequent look though. I tried searching through the source code, but I couldn’t find it there either.

      I’m still stewing over my grammar thing.

      1. The site uses the cocomment service so it doesn’t show up in source code. I tried as well and finally had to break down and slog through it.

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