Gay marriage leads to [spit, ding] Eiffel Tower weddins

Because if gay marriage is approved, next thing you know, people start playing Mendelssohn’s Wedding March to themselves and inanimate objects, like cupcakes, coffee makers and … ooo la la come here and let me poke you … Eiffel Towers.

About this video:

Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign chair Tamara Scott tells Bob Vander Plaats that legalizing gay marriage will lead to legalizing marriage with inanimate objects, like the Eiffel Tower.

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Jesus Christ in Richmond Park … FENTON!!!

That’s what this video was called. I didn’t write it.

It reads, “Jesus Christ in Richmond Park.”

I would like you to listen to what I am about to write next … very … very … very carefully.

Are you reading the words that are coming out of my mind, to my keyboard, onto my computer and into this blog post?


This video made me laugh.

And not laugh a little. I’m talking school boy, uncontrollable hysterics.


It may not do the same to you.

But damn, it made me laugh.

Here is a transcript from the video that may help so that you can follow along:

Fenton. Fenton! FenTON! FENTON! FEN-TON! Oh, Jesus Christ.

But I wasn’t going to post it, until I saw this:

Which only means that this one is going to go viral with all kinds of off-shoot memes.


Atheist Panty Bunch Party: 28-y-o Christian Gelato Store Owner apologizes. Friendly forgives. Pharyngula says fuck off.

You remember the Gelato store owner who posted sign near Skepticon that said atheists weren’t welcome?

His name is Andy.

[insert evil Darth Vader voice] The face of evil now has a first name.

Andy issued an apology. You can read it here. It’s at Friendly Atheist so you can read Hemant’s response as well.

Mehta forgives the guy. He says it’s a classy move and says lets move on.

At the bottom of his post, you can read tweets from PZ Myers that say, no, he’s not forgiven. It’s a not-pology, says PZ.

I heard about the whole debacle through a friend on facebook who says he’s siding with PZ.

I was down with forgiveness until I got to the line that said, “I will give everyone who comes to my store this week 10% off as a token of my apology. Really, what’s more universal than ice cream?”

What? Did this dude figure out that there were more of us than he thought, and now he needs to open his doors to this untapped market?

I guess he is giving a universal 10% off.

What he really needed to do was donate 10% to a secular charity.

That would show his remorse, don’t ya think?

When it’s all said and done, it was a little bigotry from a little store owner.

Doesn’t this store owner know that Gelato is Italian, and the Italians practically invented atheism? I mean, if it weren’t for Italians, atheism wouldn’t be nearly what it is today.

I am not serious.

I say we should start #Occupy Gelato Mio and really show this turd who’s boss. Who’s with me? I’ll meet you down there with my tent and my sleeping bag that resembles vegetables served in school cafeterias.

Image seen here.

WTF: FOX News says pepper spray is nothing more than a food product …

Insanity colors her hair blonde. And Crazy sits across the desk lobbing softball questions.

If I were a waiter, maybe I shall pepper your food with my can of industrial strength pepper spray, and see what you say.



Here are 10 minutes of the scene from four different perspectives.

It’s a sad time in America. Some of that pepper spray must have drifted into my house during this, because I couldn’t see very well through wet, stingy eyes.


Related: PZ Myers explains “pepper” spray. 

Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins at the Texas Freethought Convention 2011

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Atheist superstar and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens appeared in public for the first time in months tonight at the Texas Freethought Convention in Houston. Hitchens, author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and most recently of Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens, was presented with the Richard Dawkins Freethinker of the Year Award by Dawkins himself. Dawkins is the bestselling author of The God Delusion and The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True.

Though Hitchens suffers from esophageal cancer, he and Dawkins spoke and took questions for about an hour in front of a crowd of what appeared to be well over a thousand people.Read more

Dahn your money to me … The Power of Meditation with Ilchi Lee

On Sunday, Tina and her friend Kim went to a seminar titled, “The Power of Meditation,” led by a Korean meditation man named Ilchi Lee, who is an expert in “Dahn” Yoga.

As many of you know, Tina and I do not share the same thoughts on belief. While I think there is no good reason for believing that there is a deity of any kind controlling the universe, Tina thinks that there could be something.

While she doesn’t believe in heaven or hell in the sense that the Catholics taught her growing up, she thinks that there is a unmistakeable power and energy in the universe that cannot be denied.

We agree that calling the universe deity-like is okay. But the universe doesn’t reflect the views promoted by any kind of church, Mormon, Islamic, Catholic, Protestant, et al.

Imagine that, we don’t agree on faith and belief, but we have a helluva relationship, peppered with ups and downs, fun times and sad. And what binds us isn’t similar views on every subject, but rather the love we have for each other and the want and desire to make “us” work.

This is too much exposition to say that Tina came home from the seminar. I said, “How did it go?”

And she said, “It was good.” She let a beat pass, then said, “It sucks that everything must turn corporate.”

Her insinuation was EVERYTHING. Churches, charities, medicine, love … everything has a corporate spin. Wiping your ass has a corporate spin. If you aren’t thinking about Cottenelle just after tossing a browned stained bit of paper in the toilet on top of your waste, a marketing VP has failed her job and she should be fired.

Or you live in a place like Thailand that puts those water hoses by the toilet. I love those things. When you catch a GI bug and have to wipe 60 times an hour, they come in really handy.

But back to the topic at hand. 

Tina went to a seminar with over 500 people in attendance. Each ticket was $20 or $40 at the door. Say the seminar raked in $15,000.

That’s $15,000 toward a completely intangible product.

Twenty bucks only covered admission. Ilchi Lee’s book was on sale. And if you bought a book, you got a free aura reading. Or you could pay $20 for an aura reading. Who knows how much the book cost.

What the hell is an aura reading? And why would I pay $20 for it?

I know what my aura is saying all the time. Most times, I look angry, because I’m concentrating on several things at one time … or I’m trying not to expel gas inappropriately in public.

But usually I’m thinking about funny things, so inside I’m laughing.

Or I’m thinking about atheism, aka my mental disorder.

I could give myself $20 right now and I could blow it on something, like one of those remote control helicopters. I love those things.