Oh crap! It’s Wednesdog!


Don’t think I forgot about Wednesdog.

Here’s Molly. She’s a rescue. A friend from my local watering hole adopted her recently.

Molly is an Australian Shepard who was very abused in her past situation.

But now she’s in good hands. She has a brother named Wilson and access to great people and friends who won’t kick her face.

Just sayin’.

Happy Wednesdog!

BAMFs: Kid band covers Rage’s “Killing in the Name of”

This whole little band packs a huge punch. And that front mankid is destined for rock-n-roll stardom.

At the time of recording, he’s only 9 years old. I expect less from 20 year olds.

His guitar fingering is hilariously good. And his vocals — while playing — are stunning.

Wow. This kicks a lot of ass.


OWS and the “bigger” picture

Yesterday I received an email from one of our favorite readers explaining how my coverage of the Occupy movement isn’t cool.

It’s true. I have not taken into account that the depiction of police officers. These videos and photo memes may not depict the whole story. The email stopped me in my tracks, and it made me think in a different perspective.

It was an effective email. It was well argued and well written.

I wondered for a second where the emails were in reference to my offensive stances on religion. But that’s a tangent.

But according to this email, it talked about  the occupy movement, the coverage of how the police are viewed and the news reportage about them is an example of extreme mob dynamics. Who knows the entire story and what or who is controlling the need to use force when dealing with the protestors?

Perhaps the students from the UC Davis incident and their exchange with the police is more than what we saw, right?

But I never looked at the police and said, “They are assholes.” The assholes here are clearly the people who are managing the situation and declaring certain disciplinary measures acceptable.

In the UC Davis video, we saw that the students were clearly warned that they were going to be pepper sprayed. They had every chance to move, or get out of the way. A good two minutes passed between warning and spraying.

Which made me think of the Tiananmen Square video. See below. It shows that the protestor openly invited the tank to run him over.

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Laughable: HuffPo ridicules FOX Newsies

If HuffPo reports that FOX News watchers are less informed, you should believe it right?

That’s what a report from Fairleigh Dickinson is indicating. And that’s what HuffPo is screaming from the Internet Rooftops.

Openly liberal biased rags would never have an agenda, would they?

So, I wanted to give my readers a chance to bypass the HuffPo article and go straight to the source from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Here’s the study.

Have a blast.

I imagine if you don’t agree with it, you’re not going to believe it anyway. I find the study lacking. But what do I know?

FWIW, I’m liberally biased. But I find most people are fairleigh ignorant about a lot of things.


Did you see what I did there?

Jeremiah sings the hits

 “Do not learn the ways of the nations
or be terrified by signs in the heavens,
though the nations are terrified by them.
3 For the practices of the peoples are worthless;
they cut a tree out of the forest,
and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel.
4 They adorn it with silver and gold;
they fasten it with hammer and nails
so it will not totter.
5 Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field,
their idols cannot speak;
they must be carried
because they cannot walk.
Do not fear them;
they can do no harm
nor can they do any good.”