News flash: 50 Cent is a Pussy. In other news, I produced a viral video and didn’t know it.

A couple years ago, a musician friend named Pete Shukoff wrote a comedy song called, “50 Cent is a Pussy.”

Around the same time, 50 Cent released a cologne called “Power” and showed up in Chicago for a publicity tour. Pete called and asked if I wanted to shoot some man-on-the-street interviews with people around Macy’s. If you bought a bottle of Power that day, you could get your photo with Fiddy.

I said sure. Why not.

What we originally set out to do didn’t happen. We ended up going inside Macy’s where I wasn’t sure I could shoot video or not.

I tried to surreptitiously record Pete buying a bottle of cologne and getting his picture taken with Fiddy. Then I cut the footage and wrote out my version of the story. The video I made is above.

I never thought it would do anything major, because two years ago, Nice Peter was still a blip on the success radar. But as you can see, the video has over 100,000 hits.

Now Pete’s popularity has exploded, but in the most unlikely way. He’s an internet celebrity. His weekly YouTube show in which he reads tweets and fan mail gets over 150,000 hits an episode. Here’s one for you to see.

Pete Shukoff has a band called Nice Peter, and when he lived in Chicago, I used to work with him a lot to make videos. Now he lives in LA, and makes kickass videos with larger groups of guys with lots of great equipment.

You can see some of them here.

Call me a jealous man. 

Since I’ve been making more behind the scenes videos with my buddy Bill, I noticed that Nice Peter makes behind the scenes videos for his work. And they are awesome.

Here is one to look at.

Some of Pete’s advice on his show is that he found success in the most unlikely place. He never thought he would be making his living from YouTube videos, but that’s what happened, because he was adaptable and accepted change.

His rap battle videos draw over 500,000 or more hits.

Funny thing, my dad and I had a similar conversation this week on Thanksgiving day. After telling him that Tina and I lost an account this week, he said there are going to be ups and downs, but you have to be open to anything.

I imagine it was his way of recommending adaptability.

I don’t know where I’m going to be in the next few years, but I know that I never imagined myself where I am. I’m doing more photography. I have fun making videos. And I do all of that for a living.

What’s next, Universe?


What the kids are posting

Over at, those yahoos think they can get away with anything whatsoever.

I mean, look at these graphics. Do they expect them to ever make a dent any anyone’s idea set?

If I believe in Islam, 2.2 billion christians will perish in hell for eternity. If I believe in Christianity, 1.5 billion muslims will perish in hell for eternity. But if I believe neither, nobody has to perish at all. 

Albert Einstein says, “If People are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. 

Facebook update reads: “NBA back !!! God Answered my prayers.” Seven people like this. One guys writes: “good thing god brought the NBA back instead of helping those dying African children.” 


It’s Caturday!

This week’s Caturday is brought to you by Zoe (surprise!).

This week, Zoe is seen lounging in a box much too small for her. But that’s the doctrine of cats, and we should respect their belief system.

Let’s all give Zoe a round of applause for getting her tush into that little box.