Give to your local food depository

Last week, Tina and I donated some time to working for a local food depository program to raise money and collect goods for those in need.

This is a great way that we, as non-believers — and even you believers, can help those in need.

I’m sure the next step is a google search away.

Above is a shot of a local school band that played at the event.

RSA Animate

By now you’ve likely seen a lot of these animated drawing sequences from RSA or similar. They are fascinating, right?

Tina and I had a meeting today with a creative group of people to try and figure out if we could figure out how to do something similar, and market the service.

Not that many of you are into video production, but George W has a background and MJ is an artist. Any ideas on how this is done? I’m already developing a few ideas to test.

Let them know it’s Christmas


All right, so here’s the deal. Follow these directions carefully:

1) First click on this video and skip to minute 1:00 or so.

2) Click on this video or the one beneath it and turn down the volume.

3) Sit back in your chair, pat yourself on the back, and remind yourself that you live in the best country on earth, with all the best people, where corporations love you and Yeshua does too.

Santa, save me from your followers.


Rednecks howl at the moon

If I had a truck, I would see every day as a parade. When I drove down the highway, all the people on the side of the road would be my fans.

That’s because I would put some kind of bullshit message on there, and listen for the cheering crowds. When I exited my vehicle every where I go, people would hoist me onto their shoulders and say, “Three cheers for you, Bill Loman!” That would be my redneck name.

The sign on my truck would read, “New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone.”

That would align me with the dim bulb group. That would align me with like-minded people. This flag ain’t coming down … ’cause I love conservatin’ the past.

Glory Days!

On my facebook, I would post stuff like this (seen here).

And if you get mad, it ain’t my fault.

Via Think Progress and Joe My God