Lend me your eyes

My photography partner Bill Whitmire, Tina and I recently shot a model in the studio to test out some lights. You might remember the behind the scenes video.

I’ve been having a hell of a time doing my post work. He, on the other hand, has released several shots.

Me: zero. I feel comfortable sharing the image above, but I still have much to do. Much.

It was interesting working with the image, because she’s backlit, which makes her front dark. The details get murky once you lighten them up.

At this point, I’m learning. And I’m learning my ass off. I want shooting with Bill and me to be an amazing experience, both on set and when you get your shots.

I’ll get there.

I don’t want to fill up my page with shots. I’ll post one of Bill’s above and a couple below the fold.

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Man is supernaturally transported from Florida and placed up-to-armpits in Chinese.

About this video found at Jesus Needs New PR — a Christian blog:

Uploaded by  on Nov 16, 2011

The Holy Spirit physically transported Joshua Mills to China in an instant and then afterwards back to Florida instantly the same day during a worship service.

Website: http://www.joshuamills.com

(Permission granted by xpmedia.com for us to show some of their tv programs and short video clips here on our channel)

Transport in the Spirit – DVD
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She examines • Biblical examples of Transport in the Spirit • The Whirlwind of God • Being Lifted Up • How God Uses Angels to Transport His People • The Chariots of God • Flying in the Spirit • And More!

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Raised by women


This video of Zach Wahls — a 19-year-old University of Iowa student raised by women — speaking to the Iowa House of Representatives is getting heavy play. I thought I would help a little. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

Consider it blog homework.


Thanksgiving weekend movie round up

You know what time it is?

It’s the Thanksgiving weekend movie round up, an excellently written blog with very few mistakes about the movies we watched over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Wait a minute.

Is that stain on the front of your pants from you wetting yourself a little?

Don’t get too worked up. We didn’t watch many wingdingers.

Super 8

Super 8 is the new one on DVD — just in time for ICHTHYS Mass — from executive producer Stephen “Hanukkah” Spielberg and J.J. “I can direct your pants off” Abrams.

And wow, just wow.

The movie was great. Abrams has a way of making no-namers look like pros. The kids acting in this movie were great. The story was fun. The ride was one you’d want to wait back in line for.

Why did I blow my load by reviewing the best movie of the weekend first?

Because I break convention, bitches.

Go rent it.

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses wasn’t a stinker, but it wasn’t one you’re going to roll on the floor laughing your ass off either. The dude from Sunny in Philadelphia is perty good (really good even). Jason Bateman was neat-oh as usual. And Jason Sudeikis needs to lube up that off-SNL booty.

Sudeikis is leaving SNL soon. We can tell. He’s got a bad case of the SNL-cast version of senioritis.

Jennifer Aniston, Collin Farrell and Kevin Spacey all play pretty good bad guys and gal.

Nobody shines in the movie. Especially not the director, Seth Gordon. If I had to pick, Charlie Day was the star of this one.


Snooze-a-paloosa. I wanted to see it, because of all the god stuff, but I should have rented the fucking remake of Conan the Barbie Doll Vegetarian or whatever.

Sorry if you liked this one. Talulah pooped when I took her out earlier and it smelled better than that one.

Crazy, Stupid Love

Oh yawn, another Steve Carell vehicle showing how awkward he is when confronted by hot women.

Okay, okay, the movie isn’t that bad … until … SPOILER ALERT … the end when Carell gives a love speech to a group gathered for an 8th-grade graduation. Donkey balls.

When am I going to be at some assembly when a 13-year-old awkwardly talks directly to his unrequited love interest in front of a microphone before bashing love because his parents screwed the institution’s ideals. And then his dad gets up saves the day with the best version of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” he can muster.

Bluebirds flying around his head and all.

If you ask me, Ryan Gosling is overrated. If I were the director, and he gave me that performance, I would fire him and ask him to put his shirt back on.

We get it, Rye, you work out … a lot.”

However, you can call Emma Stone The best Jesus-figure ever. [Insert pompous voice] because she is the savior of this film. 

She might be the savior of current cinema.

But I’m a man … and Emma Stone is hot. And damn good in front of the camera.

What, with that cute little under-bity looking lispy mouth she has.


Whelp, there you have it. Jeremy and Tina’s Thanksgiving weekend movie roundup. A place to relish in greatness and wallow in the sadness that is Hollywood cinema.

Stay tuned for next time, when I review John Waters’s Pink Flamingos and scream, “No, Divine, stop! … don’t eat that dog shit! It could kill you!”