Profound thoughts by Tina Serafini

A typical morning in our bed consists of lots of cuddling. Talulah’s usually there, and she gets really lovey in the morning.

We don’t hurry out of bed most days, as we can work from there if we need. Tina and I talk about our dreams from the night before. Ask each other how we slept. Million dollar ideas. You know, regular stuff.

I told Tina about how I watched 15 minutes of Hannity last night. Hannity was interviewing Herman Cain and throwing such amazing questions as, “But you didn’t cheat on your wife like everyone is saying, right?” And Cain said, “Oh no. I didn’t cheat.  I’m not a perfect man, but I didn’t cheat or have inappropriate relationships with any of these women. At the end of the day, my reputation is going to be exonerated from the dead.”

And Hannity shines with another leading, softball question or 85 of them.

Insert barf in back of throat. 

One of Tina’s thoughts was that we should develop an iPhone app that is a sort of merchandise locator/map tool for each store. Hear me out. So you feed in your list, and you get a map through the store and the most efficient route to take to find those items.

Wow, right?

That way, you don’t have to ask some red-shirt Target teenager where the KY Jelly is and on what shelf it’s located. You can get in and out without anyone seeing you scratching your ass while looking for the best-priced lube in the condoms area.

After that discussion, I picked up my laptop after we discussed that it might be a difficult app to produce.

I found the YouTube video that I posted about Michele “I’m un-evolved and I’m proud ” Bachmann talking about the “Theory” of evolution. Tina listened on with patience, and she finally blurted, “How in the world does she consider Intelligent Design to be science?”

I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

What gets me is that the conservatives pride themselves on not being the “smart” group, and then they dig their un-intelligent nails in things that require an IQ higher than the diameter of their waist.

I took the dog out … me … me me me me

We left the bedroom. I don a pile of clothing to take Lu dog out. We exit to the backyard in a fury of barks and me saying, “Talulah! Be quiet!”

I “Chuck-It” with Lu for 20 or 30 minutes and return back. While I’m gone, Tina cleans up the kitchen and makes coffee. I love how I can smell fresh brewed French Roast from about the second floor landing.

I open the door, make Talulah sit, invite her in, and Tina says, “Hey guys.”

“Hey mama!”

Then Tina turned to me and said, “Hey, so you know all that stuff about Christians and Intelligent Design?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, why aren’t the Michele Bachmanns and others so up-in-arms about getting Jesus in history books and teaching the history of Jesus in history class.”

I tilted my head and listened.

She continued making her point.

Finally I said, “Hmm, I don’t know if I can verify that at the moment, but you make a great point. Why aren’t believers up in arms about Jesus in the history classroom, and how they should teach that Jesus was born a virgin, lived, was crucified and rose from the dead? No one fights for that do they?”

Believers fight for God in science, because God in nature seems more plausible than the life of Jesus? It’s more plausible than proving the historicity of Jesus?

Jesus in history is a great story, but its mythical qualities render it useless for real history lessons.


Believers attack evolution, because there’s so much in nature that seems so supernatural. It’s still somewhat a large territory of uncharted waters, at least to them who think the universe is so magical and mysterious.

The universe is magical-ish and mysterious-ish. That’s why science is so awesome. It’s all about discovery and revamping the way it sees the world.

Not belief. That’s static. It’s not about discovery and intellectualism. Because believers don’t want to be associated with elitist thought. It’s a crazy amount of double think.

Tina determined that Christians should fight to prove god in history … then they might have a better foundation to start with when introducing him/her/it into the science classroom.

My Tina. What a woman.

nakedpastor: Before Thinking

I hate it when Christians make sense.

And by hate, I mean, love.

And by love I mean, sweet cherry pie, one of those people made sense!

I grabbed this reblog from Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta. You can see that he has his logo in the cartoon, likely because he made an arrangement with the artist.

I’ve contributed money to Naked Pastor David Hayward as well, and he’s the kind of guy that would let you throw a logo on top of his work. I really admire David for that. Kudos.

And just like other believers of his ilk, I can get behind the questions he asks and his style of leadership. So keep it up, Naked Pastor … and don’t let anyone ever tell you to put any clothes on. You look great just the way you are.

Bachmann, evolution is only a theory, it’s not a fact

Evolution is only a theory; it’s not a fact.” I’ve heard this line a lot. It’s like the script circulates among conservatives, and they are required to say it.

Oddly enough, I learned at a conservative, evangelical Christian high school that: THEORY = FACT.

And yet those same people are insisting that now that definition has somehow changed. For what? To cram the circle of “Intelligent” Design through the square hole.

Just like the theory of gravity is a fact that you experience every day, evolution is a fact that you experience every day.

Via Skeptic Money

I like the source that Phil Ferguson posted at his link above from the Skeptical Teacher. Based on the same logic as “Freedom of Prayer” that believers forget about, the Skeptical Teacher writes:

If Bachmann and her ilk were really genuine in their argument, then they would have no problem with “equal time” for a large variety of creationist ideas: old-Earth creationism, day-age creationism, gap creationism, flat Earth creationism, geocentrism, Islamic creationism, various Native-American creation myths, Scientology, and even Raelianism.  I especially like proposing “equal time” for Raelianism under Bachmann’s plan, because the Raelians are an atheistic UFO-cult which believes that humans were not created by God but aliens.  You have to wonder how willing Bachmann and her pals would be to give “equal time” to the Raelians!

Go check the rest (link above).