Editing photography

Tina and I had a photo shoot this morning with a couple of very cute kids.

After several conversations early this morning between the parents and us, we decided that we would shoot despite the rainy weather.

After I started looking at the film, I decided to go ahead and start editing.

The kids are adorable. And their shots turned out great. Here are a couple that I am close to finishing.

Adulterers for president

The other night when I watched Herman Cain on Hannity, Cain said that once he asks for forgiveness, he thinks everything he’s done should be wiped clean.

That sure does sound romantic, doesn’t it.

Here’s a great video of talking points from all kinds of talking heads on Newt Gingrich’s infidelities.


I’ve heard of dogs that look like their owners

Check out this amazing photography from New York based photographer Ted Sabarese.

The photographer found people who look like different fish and grabbed shots of them. Beautiful.

The images were posted at Scientific American, and the writer questions whether or not the photographer had Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” on the mind when he took them.

Seen at Clusterflock. More here.

It’s Caturday!

These two lovely meow meows are no stranger to the blog. These are Luis’s In-laws’ cats.

And they are going to get any shoestring you put in their general vacinity.

Luis claims that his iPhone flash was on in this picture, but I bet it was off. These are devil cats. And they will drag you to hell … via shoestring.

Thanks, Luis!