Sweet! Our neighborhood is popular … for all the wrong reasons

Image courtesy of Uptown Update

Right now, as I type this, there are rumors flying around that a fugitive from another state is holed up in a restaurant just two blocks from our place in a hostage situation.

But they are rumors.

I have no idea what’s going on.

About 20 minutes ago, a woman whose wedding we shot last March, called to ask if she could hang out at our place while a police state near her house subsided.

She was walking from a trainstop further because the local trains are all shut down. I jumped in our car and picked her up. She lives a short block from what’s going on. I was able to get her to her place, and get back to our house through a series of alleyways and side streets.

One of the problems is that the news is getting disseminated over a Facebook page called Uptown update, which is my neighborhood blog-ish information source.

There is a mild hysteria going on there, and it makes it seem like we’re all under attack. If it weren’t for Tina, I’d probably grab my cameras and run up there.

Shit’s going down and the world needs to know about it!

There have been several shootings around here lately, and our neighbor’s tires were stolen from his car. So it’s not like we’re all safe as cows in India, but still.

It’s been a slow news day around Le Café, so this was a welcome moment.

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