What Jason Kottke is posting

I was over at kottke.org, and I thought, I will share this post on my blog.

Then I read the next post, and I thought, “I will share this one on my blog.”

Then I read the third one, and I thought, I will share all three. But you will have to go there to read them.

  1. How to ripen a banana
  2. I, Cheeseburger 
  3. Insomnia Drugs waking people from comas

I thought it was interesting that you could use a box of ripening bananas to heat a small apartment.


One thought on “What Jason Kottke is posting

  1. You wanna have a simultaneous good and scary time all rolled up into one little pill?? Of course you do!

    Search youtube for Ambien. Here I’ll get you started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PS9cFb940-0

    My last episode of insomnia, I slept for a total of maybe 20hrs over a span of 2 months. When I had enough I dragged myself to the Dr. I told him I purposely didn’t want Ambien, Lunesta or anything habit-forming. Turns out a low-dose anti-depressant has sleep-inducing properties and it worked for me.

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