What’s going on …

Here’s a YouTube video from a young man that needed to go viral. And it did, apparently. It’s all over the place.

The original video was posted in August. Funny how somethings go right away. Others, not so fast.

I say, well done.

We should all be “stronger than that.”

13 thoughts on “What’s going on …

  1. Apparently it was staged and he had not been bullied, by his own admission. When I saw it the first time, it did seem like some of the tear-wiping was calculated rather than genuine. Look again at it.

  2. I can see where you get that it wasn’t genuine.

    But this is the followup. He’s saying he’s doing well. He’s saying, he wasn’t kidding … that he still has the physical scars he talked about in the video, and — albeit tacitly — that he received so much support from the video that now kids seem to love him.

    Here’s another article in support of that. Doesn’t mean it’s true.


    I’m not sure what your MO is that your last two comments are dubious of intent, but it falls on the side of assholery.

  3. Jeremy, why on earth would you say that last bit? Skepticism is valid even when the message is one we want to believe in. I have no “dubious intent” (except to point out that often, things on the internet are not what they seem). I enjoy your blog and very occasionally I am moved to comment. In this case, I commented that I had heard the video you posted was staged. You asked me for a citation so I posted this video. I am not at all sure how to interpret this second video, but I don’t think my pointing it out makes me an asshole.

  4. My words were strong, you’re right. I couldn’t tell your intent with your interpretation, and I felt it didn’t represent how others were interpreting the same information.

    I don’t agree the video followup is evidence that the first one was staged. Sure the first was melodramatic.

    I think/hope that everyone knows the first one was staged. All videos are a staged message. I produce video every day and am pretty damn good at manipulating messaging through editing.

    I hope no one thinks that anything is ever legitimately perfect. The boy’s age gives way to a period of harsh mood swings and hormonal-influenced emotional highs and lows.

    It was done four months ago, before school started, and four months have passed for things to improve.

    If calling you out for assholery offended you, I apologize. It was assholery on my part to say it.

    It was a sticky point of contention for you to call me out for leaving out appreciation for the model in a previous post (the truth comes out!), and then with your somewhat negative response to this post, I couldn’t come to the same conclusion given the information.

    I think, and perhaps I’m wrong, that skepticism gives way to assholery because by it’s nature, it challenges another person. And while some don’t admit it aloud, I choose to call a spade a spade. And you challenging this idea was, in some views namely mine — assholish.

    FWIW, I appreciate you commenting more. There are never enough voices on these things.

    I also didn’t see you as a skeptic. So now we know. And that helps when talking to you.

  5. Our last comments crossed in cyberspace. Thanks for the last comment. I had no idea you were including my comment about the role of the model (a few posts ago) as one of my comments with”dubious intent.” At the time, you said you agreed with that comment…

    I see a tendency on the internet for everyone to think that people who disagree with them on some point are automatically either assholes and/or idiots who would also disagree with them about all their other positions. When I disagree with a skeptic about some scientific issue, the person often assumes I am a religious person. It is rare on the internet to find people who can just honestly disagree about a single point, without turning each other into stereotypes of all the things they detest.

  6. I watched these two videos again, and it still seems to me something is fishy here. It seems implausible to think that his peers would have all completely changed their attitudes and behaviors in the four months that separate these two videos. Homophobe bullies rarely change overnight.

    I realize that most of the people calling him a fraud on the internet are also anti-gay. That is not where I am coming from. On the contrary, what bugs me is that if this is not genuine, it becomes that much harder for real victims to get the sympathy and attention they deserve.

    Anyway, I hope he is ok, and I have to admit he made a powerful video, whether he was acting or not.

  7. I see where you’re coming from. I do.

    I wonder what kind of videos I would have made if I lived as a young teen in this age.

    Things changed fast, and one day the hormones raged toward thinking the world hated me, and then the world thought I was awesome.

    It’s egocentrism at its best/worst.

    I think we agree to some extent on the view of this video. I just think it’s more genuine-ish and you less.

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