This is all sorts of wrong

Hands down, this is the closest Zoe and Talulah have come to sleeping together.

There’s a lot of Tina to thank for this one. She’s the relaxed one. I’m the one who stays up too often and too long.

For instance, I just got an email from Tina saying, “You have to come in here to see this.”

And the above photo is what I found.


This one is hard not to troll

Occasionally, I post comics from NakedPastor David Hayward. I subscribe to his site, and find his thoughts provocative. They inspire a sort of Christianity that I find cool.

He posted this one today, titled “Jesus Kills,” (link) which raised my eyebrows and made me react on his blog:

My response was:

Ever brave, David.

Keep up your all-too-important work.


The other responses range from appreciative to back-handed criticisms.

Artistry is taking liberties at truths. And this certainly takes liberties. Of course this scene never happened. And Hayward cannot tell me, or you, how to interpret what it is you’re supposed to think about this.

My interpretation was that human influence helped shape his views. And there comes a time when humans must take humans by the shoulders and say, “No, Stop doing that (unequal rights, human slavery/trafficking, etc.)! We do not live in Old or New Testament times! We live now!”

Jesus lived in a weird time when getting bathed in blood to cleanse sins literally meant you were standing under an altar when an animal was killed, and the blood flowed over their bodies. This is a ritual lost among believers, but I wish they still did it between the bread and wine of communion.

Could you imagine standing outside of a church when it let out. Everyone is drenched red in fake blood after doing a ritual, blood shower/bath?


Those were my thoughts.

One woman named Brigitte responded and it made me want to troll Hayward’s blog, and I decided not to.

Brigitte wrote (emphasis mine):

The sacrifices were also eaten by the families. A celebration of forgiveness by all together. Something like turkey Christmas dinner.

Hitchens will tell you that this is the most despicable religion he has ever heard about, how terrible and barbarian it is. (Butchering, eating meat, death, and sacrificing is something that goes on everywhere, all of the time, except perhaps among vegetarians. It is human beings who actually nailed Jesus to the cross for doing nothing wrong.)

Hitchens’ sins are obviously not so scarlet that they require such drastic actions or illustrations.

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Humanity inspiring humanity

In the video above, an anonymous Secret Santa gives $100 to people he encounters.

This is behavior to be emulated. Like he says in the video, it doesn’t have to be money.

And this behavior doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas time or the holidays.

And you don’t have to give cards that say anything religious.

I’m sure some people see the above as humanity doing “God’s” work. I say it’s humans doing human work.

It is our responsibility to help others.


Read more of the heartwarming story here.

Damn, the shit never hit the fan


Last night, I ended up heading up to the scene of the police state in my neighborhood, despite all the hoopla telling our neighbors to stay inside and lock all our doors.

Of course, the scene wasn’t as perilous as some “news” agencies and blogs made it out to be. And the scene finally ended with a whimper and not a bang.

My evenings are usually the times when I schedule posts for the blog, which I didn’t get to to do last night. Here are some of the shots I took, though, so you don’t freak out. 🙂

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