Humanity inspiring humanity

In the video above, an anonymous Secret Santa gives $100 to people he encounters.

This is behavior to be emulated. Like he says in the video, it doesn’t have to be money.

And this behavior doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas time or the holidays.

And you don’t have to give cards that say anything religious.

I’m sure some people see the above as humanity doing “God’s” work. I say it’s humans doing human work.

It is our responsibility to help others.


Read more of the heartwarming story here.

One thought on “Humanity inspiring humanity

  1. Have you read the book 29 gifts? It’s amazing what doing good deeds can do for your own soul and well being. And think of how much nicer everything would be if we did good deeds for each other. Maybe people would be so angry while driving, or standing in checkout lines etc. I just wrote about a similar idea.

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