It’s Wednesdog!

Unfortunately, the facts of life are “facts.”

And the fact is that this beautiful girl named Lulu died two days ago.

I met Lulu’s mom Gretchen in our backyard with Talulah just days after she got Lulu. At the time, Lulu’s coloring and size led me to believe Lulu was a Weimaraner. Other people made the same mistake.

Lulu was a puppy Great Dane. Around the same time I met Lulu, I bought some new photography equipment. One day — making every effort not to sound creepy — I asked Gretchen if I could shoot Lulu. Which is where these shots came from.

Lulu was a gentle giant, playful and reserved. When she walked, I remember admiring her gait. She had such a beautiful way of moving her legs. I think smaller dogs have it, but when large dogs walk it’s like they are in slow motion.

We’ll miss Lulu, but not nearly as much as Lulu’s mom.

What it was she died of, I’m not sure. She was in the hospital over the weekend from complications with her blood platelets. I think the complications were many and the outlook bad.

There’s been an outpouring of support on Gretchen’s Facebook wall, which has been touching. One of Gretchen’s last updates was, “It hurts all over.”

Our latest memories of Lulu have been that when we walk by her house, she looks at us through this large picture window. Sometimes I saw her clearly, other times it took a second.

The very last time I saw her, she was standing on a couch and looking over a curtain that only covers half of Gretchen’s front window. Her height towered above, and Tina and I stopped and laughed.

Poor little Lulu.

5 thoughts on “It’s Wednesdog!

  1. I’m sorry to see this. It’s a shame that they don’t live long enough. Especially Great Danes, they tend to have a short life span.

    Whatever you do, do not watch PBS’s latest show on cat and dog lovers. The story of Jerry will just break your heart! You’ve been warned!

  2. Oh my goodness. I hurt for Lulu’s mom. I totally understand how it can “hurt all over” to lose your beloved pup. 😦

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