Stick a fork in this shot

I’ve been working this shot off and on for a while. Last night, I wanted to show it so badly, I posted a version of it.

I woke up and started working on it again today. I was frustrated with some aspects of the background and how it was affecting her hair.

I finally ripped out the background and replaced it with an entirely new worked file. Then I did another couple processes with her skin to even it out.

One of the hardest things about working with photography is skin. And while the skin doesn’t look natural, there’s a fine line between natural and plastic-y. I hope I’ve achieved a non-plastic look.

Just like all my work, there’s got to be a point when I say, this shot is good. Let’s move on.

I’ve been doing photography and video for years, but I’ve never worked with Photoshop files larger than two or three hundred megabytes. This one reached well over two gigabytes, and then I was forced to start a new file before moving forward. I guess if you combined the files, it gets closer to three gigabytes.

How crazy is that.

Click to open the image larger.


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