God does not believe in Rick Perry

Sorry for all the Rick Perry posts, but this video reflects the views of this blog stupendously!

I absolutely love the part when the guy says in response to all the financial problems and declared wards in this country, “No, it took a lot of vagina penetrators to do that.”

Gotta love the Second City!


Also of note:

The response to Rick Perry

This morning, I saw that regular reader MJ Shepherd posted a screen cap of Rick Perry’s YouTube page showing how many dislikes there are for his recent “Strong” video.

The video is viral, and it has gotten a lot of play on my Facebook wall, almost all negative, that I can tell.

I went and grabbed a new screen capture of the video to show the current level of likes vs dislikes. It has accumulated 747,019 hits. Of those, 170,383 dislikes and 3691 are likes.

Another thought crossed my mind as I looked at the video again. Perry’s production team deserves some kind of metaphor award for this one.

Notice how Perry is framed far “right” of the frame. He’s so far right, that his weight brings the level down in his favor. Probably with the use of a tilt-shift lens, the “left” is blurry. The right is clear, well lighted, colorful.

If you don’t think someone thought this through, you’re underestimating production.

Regardless, Perry is still a douche, and I hope he gets the GOP nomination. He’ll splinter the republican party.

Well crap

Well, would you look at that. I got a mention, but no link at Joe My God. Link

The screen cap above shows that Joe (My God) posted a suggestion I sent him.

Said and done, Joe might not be “My God” as he didn’t know that I require a link with every post I deliver.