I am obsessing over this photo

Tina and I did a photo shoot today with a couple dogs.

While we were waiting for the dogs, we took test shots to see how the lighting looked. Our studio is at my partner Bill’s place, and we took a few shots of his Doberman named Tivo.

Dogs are A.D.D., and their attention can cross spectrums in a moment’s notice. They can be horrible models.

Tivo had run off at one point, and I made a lighting adjustment. I looked around for a model, and ended up grabbing the chair you see above.

The tape reads, “Theodore.” The tape is covering up another piece of tape with another kid’s name on it. I don’t know what it says, but I imagine it reads, “Jeremy.”

The chair is a dumpster find. There were two of them. Bill and I saw the chairs when we took a model out to the alley to shoot her. 🙂

I took one chair and Bill took the other.

We have our chair up by Tina’s desk. Bill recently sold his desk chair, and has been using his as a temporary sitting post until he gets a new one.

Seriously, I love these chairs.

They are snapshots of my childhood. And if you’re around my age, and grew up in America, I imagine you have one of these chairs in your history as well.

I started obsessing over the photos I took of the chair, and I ended up working on the two images below. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to create art.

Below the fold are two outtake shots of the dogs we shot today.

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BUNK: 7 foods Even Food Safety Experts Won’t Eat

Over at Facebook, a good liberal friend of mine posted this 7 foods list that has been going around for some time. I started responding to it, and found out that I have no time.

I’m running out the door for a photo shoot. (DOGS!).

But I was hoping one of you readers with a little time could help me find some resources for discussion when I get back.

I need YOUR help.

I’ve already sent a couple different responses, like “Google Debunking BPAs”.

This list was posted at Dr. Mercola’s and FOX, so you know how reputable it is.

Any feedback for the woo here would be helpful.

(And yes, I realize that some of the things on the list aren’t bunk, just not wholly true).

It’s Caturday!


This Caturday is brought to you by Zoe drinking from the bottom of a clear plastic bowl. It’s a salad spinner bowl to be exact.

Notice her cute dribblets as we like to call them when she finishes. That’s the water on her chin when she’s done.

If you’re sick of Zoe on Caturday, be sure to submit your photos using the tab above.



Friday night photo editing

It’s Friday night, and I’ve been photo editing.

I’ve been working on a composite image, trying to get a background to match a foreground image.

Lemme tell ya … it ain’t easy peasy.

Above is the first one that I felt pretty good with, and then I found another background image, and I like it too. I’ll post it below. Keep in mind, it’s not completely finished. There is still work to do. But if I were to go in either direction or none, what would you recommend?