I am obsessing over this photo

Tina and I did a photo shoot today with a couple dogs.

While we were waiting for the dogs, we took test shots to see how the lighting looked. Our studio is at my partner Bill’s place, and we took a few shots of his Doberman named Tivo.

Dogs are A.D.D., and their attention can cross spectrums in a moment’s notice. They can be horrible models.

Tivo had run off at one point, and I made a lighting adjustment. I looked around for a model, and ended up grabbing the chair you see above.

The tape reads, “Theodore.” The tape is covering up another piece of tape with another kid’s name on it. I don’t know what it says, but I imagine it reads, “Jeremy.”

The chair is a dumpster find. There were two of them. Bill and I saw the chairs when we took a model out to the alley to shoot her. 🙂

I took one chair and Bill took the other.

We have our chair up by Tina’s desk. Bill recently sold his desk chair, and has been using his as a temporary sitting post until he gets a new one.

Seriously, I love these chairs.

They are snapshots of my childhood. And if you’re around my age, and grew up in America, I imagine you have one of these chairs in your history as well.

I started obsessing over the photos I took of the chair, and I ended up working on the two images below. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to create art.

Below the fold are two outtake shots of the dogs we shot today.

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