Spending time with a supernatural family

A college friend on Facebook recently updated with the following message:

Been with my supernatural family since 10 am….pretty good way to spend nine hours on a Sunday 🙂

I stared at the update for what seemed like a few minutes. “Supernatural family?” I thought. “What does that mean, ‘Supernatural Family’? Does that mean she spent nine hours with the Holy Trinity, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit?”

I decided that wasn’t her intention. The syntax gave way to actual people. Not a lone encounter with the Trinity.

Finally I decided I had to know what that means. So I wrote the following response:

I’m really curious. What does that mean?

For about 24 hours, I didn’t hear back. People are busy. I get it.

I got a response. It’s long, and I’m going to post the crux of the text. I’ll put the screen capture below the fold.

Basically it is a group of people who have decided to live supernatural lives of love, honor and power…(not which come naturally but rather by being empowered with Holy Spirit and the authority that Jesus gave us to pray Heaven down to earth.) A group that believes that God is in a good mood and that nothing is impossible, miracles happen. We seek to create a culture of honor, freedom, grace, joy, love and miracles. We are committed to each other as family to see the “gold” (the best) in each other and call that “gold” out so that we can change the world with the glory we have inside of us. (Because none of this is for us to form a circle around and keep to ourselves but rather to release it wherever we go.) That is the nutshell.

What we did was get together to celebrate all of that in an atmosphere of freedom and joy with music and dancing, listened to some awesome stories of heaven invading earth and some radical truth about what God is like without all the yucky religion and then we had a potluck lunch, hung out, then ended the evening by going around and sharing with each other the awesome things that God thinks about the other and what good gifts He wants to give us this coming year.

I have to keep in mind that I used to be a Christian. And in a way, the above explanation makes sense.

How can that be?

It’s because I was there at one time. As a Christian, I wanted all the positive attributes of faith to be true. And when you join a community of like-minded believers, you comb through all the aspects of faith and belief, and you concentrate your efforts on that which is positive, albeit within your framework of understanding.

I still do it as an atheist. I concentrate a lot of effort on the positive aspects of disbelief.

When I read over my friend’s explanation, I battle thoughts of, “What the fuck does all this mean?” But then I say to myself, “Dude, I know what this all means.”

The explanation is romantic. It’s focused on miracles, and finding the good in your colleagues and inspiring them to be good and faithful.

It’s just that now I recognize that “God” is the mental state of what we want. We want to spend time with like minded people. We want to spend time with people who will make us feel good, and not bad. We want people who build us up. As a skeptic, I don’t believe in miracles. They don’t happen.

But I can understand the hope for them.

But I believe in humanity. I have “faith” in the friends I hang out with. And as much as I want them to be supernatural, glowing balls of beautiful perfection, I look at all of us and we’re all flawed, physically and personally. I’d rather look at life in that sense. I’d rather look at my friends and know them for their flaws and their good parts.

Hell, I can fix most of their flaws in Photoshop.


This post is weird for me. I don’t wish to bash my friend. What she’s doing is “right” within her framework of thought. As an outsider, I understand that her words are really weird. Cult-like even.

But that’s what groups are. Cult-like, aren’t they?

Or maybe they aren’t.

What do you think?

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What the funny kids at Tastefully Offensive are posting

Tastefully Offensive’s tumbler is a great source for funny on the Internets.

Here’s a few select recent posts to tickle your tongle.

Go here for more.

Graphic of badminton birdie next to oven mitt reads: “Badminton. Bad Mitten. Know the difference.”

Writing on wall pointing toward lipstick mark: “Really you put your mouth on a bathroom wall? At a Bar?!” You sick bitch.

“Nothing brings two people together faster than the hatred of a third person.” 


America, home of the free now equipped with freedom of religion …

When good, loving Americans get together and stand behind an all-American business that pulls its advertising from a show featuring Muslims, we should all standup and give a warm round of applause to those who support such capitalistic strategies.

I mean, check out some of these awesome shows of love and admiration for America collected by Buzzfeed from Facebook.

Keep in mind that America is the land of the free, where you and your loved ones are free to worship (or not worship) whomever or whatever you please.

I’m personally fond of the one that reads, “Congratulations to Lowes for having the  guts to stand up for traditional Americans! Stick to your decision.”

And by “traditional Americans” he means Native Americans, I’m sure.

Thanks, Xina!

Be sure to check out the rest at Buzzfeed!





Graphics schmaphics

I love these, pick on puny little FOX News posts. I mean, FOX is the home of Fair and Balanced.

And it shows.

Take the below chart marking unemployment over the last year under Obama. Looks pretty good right? Isn’t it interesting how 8.6% is marked higher than March’s 8.8%?


Well, take a look at this one. Maybe it’ll help you out a little.

Here’s what the chart should look like:

Do you want to know why it doesn’t look like the last chart?

Because FOX News is fair and balanced, that’s why. FOX News viewers are the most educated, balanced, new finders in the world.

They are [spit, ding] pound sign one!


Facebook knows everything about you

I’ve had people bail from Facebook, because they have heard of all the ways it keeps track of you, and how it might tell paying advertisers or political candidates about you.

The above video touches on some of the ways Facebook is scary like that.

Sometimes I think, “Whatever. Who cares if Facebook knows about me? At least I have contact with several hundred people who already know a little about me.”

But then I think, “Holy crap, that’s some scary stuff.”

What do you think?