See you next Tuesday

So I was thinking, I need a new series to occupy my time.

I want to call it, “See you next Tuesday,” after the popular phrase the kids say.

You know, “Cunt.”

It really is a great word. And until you use it every day in regular sentences with your friends and family, you haven’t really lived. There are days when I use it, and the exhilaration is so extreme, they should make an Xtreme sport after it.

I’m just not sure what the “See you next Tuesday” series should be about. I’m not talking about something direct. Like, “Oh look at this person who’s being a big douche … what a cunt.”

I’m talking about something less direct.

So I’m reaching out to you guys for recommendations. Is there something you feel I should address more. Or talk about more. Or is there something that I talk about that tingles your jingles a little more than other topics?

Or maybe it’s an anti post. Maybe it’s a post where I don’t talk about something for once. 🙂

Anyway. I wanted to throw this out to the universe. I’m up for suggestions.

And don’t forget the wise words I heard just now from Facebook, “Children are spoiled, because no one will spank grandma.”

Well, unless you go to one of those alternative porn sites.


See you next Tuesday!

Athiests need new PR

I watched the above clip this morning of atheist Dan Barker getting kicked off a FOX “news” show with Eric Bolling.

Okay, I understand the whole keep religion out of government thing. I agree with it. And watching an atheist group stick their noses into Athens Texas’ business, I get that it’s off-putting.

I get both sides. I do.

Putting up a banner that says, “We know there are no gods, fairies, blah blah blah” … I get why some people would want to.

But I think there’s a line. And I think we atheists cross the line in the above clip.

Yeah, I said it.

We can be vocal without being dicks. We can be offended without being offensive. And the more we get vocal over Christmas matters, the more pissed off some Christians are going to get. Instead of a dialogue, it turns into a shouting match.

Somewhat related: yesterday I heard another report on NPR of a OWS-style mic-check thing at some political event. You know, those things were a group repeats what one guy or gal screams.

Hey 99%! Those things are as annoying as the tea-baggers yelling at democrat news conferences. Remember when we hated that?

But the atheist message isn’t going to be received if we run around shoving ourselves in lots of unwelcome places.

John 3:16: Naughty or Nice? 

And even though the guy repeats John 3:16 at the end of the clip above, he’s never going to understand that that same verse that includes “Love” and the idea of a baby, it also includes a reminder that — if a person disbelieves that message — it spells an eternity of damnation.

How do you tell a believer that the message they find so sacred, so beautiful, so great, is also a message of evil at the same time?

What’s the flip side?

The atheist message is there is no god. And if you tell a believer there’s no god, you’re telling them that they risk going to hell, too.

So your message, dear atheist, is also a message of hate, of evil.

You say, “No it’s not.” They say, “Yes, it is.”





What’s the answer? New PR? A new message? A new way of delivering the message?

The inquiries made me think of the Christian blog Jesus Needs New PR. I think that guy’s doing it right. He’s putting out a message that there’s a lot of Christians delivering a lackluster message. They’re not doing a great job. He’s actively promoting a different view of his faith and the faithful.

I particularly appreciated that he posted this amazing retelling of the Christmas story:

When you peel back the story of Jesus, there are some cool aspects of it. And as much as we atheists target the crappy parts, the story is a pervasive element of our culture. Just like Superman and Football.

I mean, I HATE football. But I don’t beat the shit out of it every time I get a chance. I can’t stand that when foreigners make fun of America, it’s one of the targets of their jokes.

But I love Superman and other superheroes. And I don’t mind when we get lumped into cool cultural, artist-y type stuff.

The facts remain:

  1. If there’s a controversial topic, it’s going to get more controversial when a group opposes it.
  2. Christians LOVE the story of Jesus. Adore it. They love kids more than adults. Revel in children. Babies are cute and cuddly. Sponges of information. And they love that Children believe what they say without question. They love thinking of their savior as a child.
  3. When kids are involved, the winner is always (ALWAYS) going to be in favor of the little ones. And that’s the way it should be, right?

If Christians want to believe that God sent himself to earth to save all of humanity through the eventual suffering, death and resurrection of himself, what is the harm?

Can’t we just accept the idea that we’re good without that message, and that while they think we’re hell bound, we love life for the here and the now?

What’s better? A nagging bitch who constantly hounds you about taking out the trash. Or a wise man who sits puffing his pipe making occasional observations about life?

Hey, atheists, we can do better. Otherwise, we’re no better than that which we oppose.

What the kids are posting

Those naughty little bastards at are still at it! Do they know that Santa is going to be riding his sleigh throughout the world giving presents to all the good boys and girls … well, not all of them. The ones that live in wealthy homes primarily in the United States. But he will be riding around that night laughing at the poor little kids who Newt Gingrich wants to put to work as janitors soon.


Winston Churchill’s son Randolph reads the bible. “God, isn’t god a shit!”

Little girl opening a present says, “Jesus Fucking Christ! That Gift is amazing!” 

We’re all God’s children and all god’s creation is perfect. Except gay people, jews, muslims, hindus, buddhists, black people and mexicans. 

Axial tilt is the reason for the season.