What the Facebook kids are posting

There were a couple notable graphic things posted on Facebook, and I thought I might throw them here.


Graphic of guy in office reads, “It’s Friday! Fuck this shit” as he throws papers in the air. Next frame is Monday and he’s picking everything off the floor. 

Two images side by side. One starving naked African kids. On right, women carrying boxes of toys at Christmas. Reads “Define Necessity.” 

Image of Congress reads, “When I have a 9% approval rating at my job, I get fucking fired. 

Thanks Wes, Maria and Bill!

More cowbell! A very Roost Christmas


This is likely the funniest Christmas song so far this year. And by funniest, it’s something that will tingle your jingles like no other song you’ll hear today.

You might even want to play it with your family on Christmas day. Just to make sure you get everyone in the proper mood.

I went to high school with the guy singing. His name is Matt Shaver. Which is weird. Weird, because you don’t see lots of great work coming out of the kids from Wesleyan Christian Academy these days.

Matt is damn talented. I mean, listen to him belting those carols.

I think it would have been hilariously fun to add a Harley Davidson sound F/X at the end with drifting dopplar effect as they drive away.

Nothing says, “I’m drunk and caroling!” like ripping away on a Harley.

And buns. I wanted more buns, with blurry effect.

And smoke. I’d add some smoke.

Just kidding. It’s great as is.

There really is a lack of exits on the back of motor bikes these days.

About the video:

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The Roost does Xmas. The Roost is a community music project. It creates an opportunity for artists to perform amongst the intimacy of friends. The Roost strives to be a memorable anchor of any musician’s tour. Support local, regional and worldwide music.

Oddly enough, they don’t tell where the Roost venue is. It must be up in the ether. More here.

The Internets are abuzz with #Hitch

Last night, regular reader Wes posted on my profile that Christopher Hitchens died.

“Just in case you hadn’t seen yet,” he wrote. He followed it with a sad-faced emoticon.

I had not heard yet. And I was thankful that Wes thought enough to tell me personally. He said he checked the blog first to make sure I had not yet posted about it.

The news was definitely a deflated honk.

In a knee-jerk, I wrote a quick piece about it here.

It’s not like I’ll really miss him. The only way I really know him is through his books, articles and debates. And those are all still available. He left many ways to remember him, exactly the way he was in his prime.

My favorite Hitch bit was the one that he pulled toward the end of debates. He would say something about God stood with folded arms for 1,000s of years before finally intervening for humanity through Yeshua. What kind of a crock is that?

Hitch put into words thoughts that I had trouble articulating. I mean, God stood around for 100s of 1,000s of years to develop modern science to save people with, say, malaria or diabetes.

Before modern science — which evolved through memetics, not through some slowly developing divine intervention — how many people died not experiencing life? How many didn’t see their children grow up, get married, have children, etc.?

Humanity has science to thank for its modern treasures of lifespan and good health, and yet science appears to be the most disrespected educational discipline when belief puts its grubby hands around its neck.

There’s a reason why prayer doesn’t work and going to a hospital does.

Hell, Hitch probably wouldn’t have made it this far without modern medicine. And for that, I bet his loved ones are thankful.

I echo my atheist colleagues and say that Hitch is not standing before God, Allah, or any other god he pissed off during his life time. He’s not burning in hell.

Plain and simply, he’s not.

He’s not anymore. He’s not sleeping. His soul wasn’t floating around in the cosmos for all of history and 62 years ago it was inserted into a child only to live on for eternity.

The energy that powered his body is done. There is no “Rest in Peace.” That conjures superstition.

Hitch is dead.

No more. No less.

Now we make sure the road he paved is maintained and it increases in size and traffic volume.

Below the fold, I’ll add some links for talk about Hitch around the internets.

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Teddy, the talking porcupine, wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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“Teddy Bear,” Zooniversity’s talking porcupine, returns to wish you a Merry Christmas. Listen carefully to see what he has to say.
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Christopher Hitchens …

Christopher Hitchens

Well damn.

Chris Hitchens … he heft us with an arsenal of information so dense, so thick, so brilliant and ever witty.

My friends are crediting him with his influence over their lives.

I credit him with making me feel stupider, less read, less smart, less educated.

I credit him with wanting to make myself better, smarter, more productive.

I credit Christopher Hitchens with showing a lot of us how, if you treat your body like shit now, you better expect an earlier grave than you imagined.

Hitch was an atheist.

But he was damn good at rhetoric.

And moving forward, none of us, not even Christians, can act the same.

He wasn’t mythic.

He was just Hitch.

No more.

No less.

We’ve got more than memories.

We have his work. His writings. His debates.

We are more fortunate to have lived longer than him.

I only hope we don’t screw it up.