More cowbell! A very Roost Christmas


This is likely the funniest Christmas song so far this year. And by funniest, it’s something that will tingle your jingles like no other song you’ll hear today.

You might even want to play it with your family on Christmas day. Just to make sure you get everyone in the proper mood.

I went to high school with the guy singing. His name is Matt Shaver. Which is weird. Weird, because you don’t see lots of great work coming out of the kids from Wesleyan Christian Academy these days.

Matt is damn talented. I mean, listen to him belting those carols.

I think it would have been hilariously fun to add a Harley Davidson sound F/X at the end with drifting dopplar effect as they drive away.

Nothing says, “I’m drunk and caroling!” like ripping away on a Harley.

And buns. I wanted more buns, with blurry effect.

And smoke. I’d add some smoke.

Just kidding. It’s great as is.

There really is a lack of exits on the back of motor bikes these days.

About the video:

Uploaded by on Dec 13, 2011

The Roost does Xmas. The Roost is a community music project. It creates an opportunity for artists to perform amongst the intimacy of friends. The Roost strives to be a memorable anchor of any musician’s tour. Support local, regional and worldwide music.

Oddly enough, they don’t tell where the Roost venue is. It must be up in the ether. More here.

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