The ovarian lottery

When this little girl won the ovarian lottery, it placed her among the Karen tribe, the longneck women of Burma who live in Thailand (outside of Chang Mai).

Perhaps you have a little girl or boy who won the ovarian lottery. At night, he or she has a warm bed to sleep in and multiple meals a day.

This little girl lives in a camp, on display to tourists, making money of exhibitionism.

She also likely doesn’t know who the heck Yeshua is.

But she knows the value of sitting up straight and posing for a camera.

Ovarian Lottery is a term I posted about here.

Jesus is the reason for the honking

Jesus is the reason for the sleazin’ Jesus is the reason for the teasin’ Jesus is the reason for the cheesin’ Jesus is the reason for the sneezin’ Jesus is the reason for the treason Jesus is the reason for the pleasin’ Jesus is the reason for the freezin Jesus is the reason for the squeezin’

Via Jesus Needs New PR

Individual pics below the fold:

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This FedEx guy is probably in Santa’s toy delivery video

Tina and I were talking the other day about how ridiculous the Santa story is and how you’d have to be a child to believe that shit. Because, I mean seriously, Santa travels the entire earth passing out presents in a single night.

Have you seen a photo of New York City? FedEx needs a fleet of men and women to deliver truckfulls of boxes.

Wait, we weren’t talking about Santa. We were talking about Jesus and the virgin birth.

I get those two mixed up.

Video via TDW. Thoughts via my asshole self.

YouTube: The Top Political Videos of 2011

YouTube made a list of the top political videos of 2011, and the Zach Wahls video is the top one. See the list below.

YouTube’s 2011 Political Top Ten
1. Zach Wahls speaks about family
2. President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
3. Strong [Rick Perry ad]
4. President Obama on death of Osama bin Laden
5. Brother, can you spare a trillion? Government gone wild!
6. Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
7. Rick Perry – Proven Leadership
8. Jon Stewart Goes Head-to-Head Bill O’Reilly
9. Now is the time for action! [Herman Cain ad]
10. President Barack Obama’s First Ad of 2012 [NRSC Ad]

Also of note, John Loftus made a list of the top, living influential atheists, and guess who made the list?

It makes you really think about what the definition of “influential” is. I’m curious if anyone else on the list will pick up that list and republish it, as no other atheist cares to rank him/herself as much as J to the L does.



Surprise: kids who live in expensive homes have better chance of success

Regular-reader Old Fart forwarded me a recent edition of the Jewish World Review that includes an article called, “Do Expensive Homes Make for Wealthy Kids?

I think this is the article he intended me to read, as it was in the subject line.

Surprisingly, kids who live in homes that are more expensive have a better chance of going to college. And usually a college degree means the difference between gainful employment and non.

A snippet:

A new study from the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Economic Mobility Project shows a correlation between the housing boom and education gains for students from low- and middle-income families. For prospective students from families making less than $70,000 per year, an increase in housing value immediately prior to college might mean more educational success. For every $10,000 gain in such a family’s home equity, the likelihood of enrolling in college increased by 6 percent. In addition, the housing boom made these students 24 percent more likely to choose their states’ four-year public flagship schools and 17 percent less likely to choose community colleges, and also 9 percent more likely to graduate from college.

The article should really have the title, “Master of the Obvious.” But we’ll go with it.

I thought the last paragraph was worth reposting here, as well, but you should give the article a browse through. It’s interesting enough.

“The logical policy implications … to me are creating opportunities for people at the bottom and middle of the income ladder to not have such a financial barrier to college. And that can be a whole range of things,” she says, like helping families maintain assets like their homes and create wealth.

Full article link again here.

There’s an advert on TV with Rachel Maddow right now that, despite not backing her words with research, she says something about, “How can we wait for the wealth to ‘trickle’ down from the top to the bottom?” She cracks on Reagan economics and says something about supporting people now.

And that’s the key. Finding ways we can support the lower and middle classes now. And while I understand there are ways that governments fail and people fail, we need to issue a culture of helping people.

I hope we can agree that waiting for the trickle is too slow.

Thanks, Old Fart!

If that wasn’t the article you intended for me to read, please let me know.

Cherry blossoms over eons show climate change


I know a few of you readers don’t agree with Climate Change. But if you have doubts, check out this article about cherry blossoms giving us temperature readings over time.

In Japan, cherry blossom festivals are an ancient and wildly popular tradition, featuring days-long celebrations carefully timed to coincide with peak flowering. The festivals are so prominent in Japanese culture that their collective descriptions in diaries, literature and administrative records have been turned into a six-century-long record of blossoming dates and locations across the islands.

Because the trees blossom at certain temperatures, scientists can infer historical weather information, and ultimately climate trends, from these dates. Few other historical climate records contain such fine-grained detail.